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Tot School with Bo {Letter Ff}

Letter: Ff
Object: Foot

~Bo is 27 1/2 months old~ 

See Carisa's Tot School Printables for the printables for this unit. 

Sticker the Ff's

I taught Bo to say /f/ by biting his lower lip and blowing. 

I just thought this was a sweet picture. I love how intentional he is with his "work." 4.7.13

Stringing Beads

Quilted Rag Letter Ff

Bo lined up the Bunny Grahams on the letter.

Letter Match and Lacing

Bo was having a hard time with the heart links, so I quickly grabbed the shoe string he was lacing beads on to lace with. The lacing was easier than the heart links. 

Then he wanted to finish adding stickers to the foot. 

Dot Sticker the Feet

Bo was showing me that the sticker is in the wrong spot... 

And he was a little sad that it wouldn't come off without ripping the paper. . . 

I said it was okay ~ that he could put the rest on the feet. . . 


And he was happy about that.


Color the Feet

Bo is still learning the colors, but he likes to match them up. 

I'm teaching Bo to draw a circle. 

This is the most coloring he has done. 

Magazine Ff's 

I cut the Ff's out, brushed rubber cement on the foot, and had Bo put the Ff's on. 

Humpty Dumpty

This was an activity from Slow and Steady, Get Them Ready. I had it ready for last week, but we didn't get to it. I recited the poem, let Humpty fall, and Bo put him back together again. 


This was a short, easy week for us both - Spring Break, and I wanted some art to brighten up our home (spring hasn't come to Wyoming yet), so I did some footprint art for the Letter F. 

Footprint Canvas Art




Feet. Feet. Feet.

We had a family from out of state stay with us for a week. We had 11 kids in the house - 14 of us in all, and we made a canvas with footprints - one foot each. I had planned to write "Feet. Feet. Feet.  Oh, how many feet you meet," on it to go along with The Foot Book that we read this week, but I can't decide if I should. I kind of like it how it is. Though, I think I should write in the kids' names on their feet. 

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Tot School with Bo {Letter Ee}

Letter: Ee
Object: Egg
Theme: Chickens
Color: Green

~Bo is 27 months old~

See Carisa's Tot School Printables for the printables for this unit. 

ABC Find It! Letter Ee

With jelly bean "eggs." {Oh, he looooved this, of course!}


{+ hide & find with the jelly beans}

Letter Ee Basket

(He's pushing the cookie e through the hole of the quilted e.)

Letter Ee Match 

Sticker the Letter Ee

Letter Ee Pegboard

Dot Paint + Jelly Bean the Eggs and Ee's 

Numbers 1-5

Letter E Design & Drill 

Later this day, I found Bo peeling an orange, next to Eliana. He was standing by the trash can, with juice dripping down his belly, ripping the peels off and throwing them away. I've never had a child this young peel his own orange!

(any chance to play with the jelly bean eggs)
Color Basket + Play Dough {Green}


I named the shapes as Bo pulled them out and again as he put jelly beans on each one. I asked him if he could put a jelly bean on a specific shape to see if he is learning them, but he doesn't know them yet. 

Letter Ee Shadow Match 

Link-n-Learn + Jelly Bean Fine Motor Practice 

(He wasn't too interested in playing with anything other than jelly beans.)

Three Part Letter Ee Puzzle 

We are still working on getting this down, but when I told him to make an egg, he got it! (and a fist full of jelly beans?). 

More Pegboard {and Jelly Bean} Letter Ee Play 

Letter Ee 3 Piece Puzzle 

Alpha Pops ABC Match & Pretend Play

Quilted Rag Letter Play with {did you guess?} Jelly Beans

Helping Himself to Some Half & Half 

Yep. A cup of Half & Half. He likes it more than milk. Though he prefers my milk to Half & Half ;-)

(He is pulling off the seal to the cap with his teeth.)

Connect the Eggs ~ Left to Right 

Bo is usually very good at putting his cap back on his marker, but he ran off and left it this day - undoubtably the effects of too. much. sugar. 

Sticker the Letter Ee

Bo loves stickers, so when I saw Carisa use transparent dot stickers with the Tot School Printables, I thought he would enjoy them too.  And he does. I love that they are transparent! 

Letter Ee Treat ~ Bird's Eggs in a Nest

I've always made these with chow mein noodles, but Shredded Wheat looks more authentic, I think, so it was a fun change. I used semi-sweet, but my kids think they would have been better with milk chocolate chips. 

Collecting Eggs

Bo most certainly made the connection, and eagerly collected the eggs this week. (Thanks to a little warm spring weather, that unfortunately didn't last long). 

Bo loooves the chickens!

The chase is on.

Bo is the best chicken catcher. He is the perfect height - low to the ground, and can corner and catch them like no other kid (or adult) can. And he loves his froggy boots. Though, he has one of Eliana's boots on in the last few pictures. 

Definitely tuckered out! 
Speech Update

Bo was given the Battelle Development Inventory, 2nd Edition and was tested at 26 months old. He was evaluated by a Speech/Language Pathologist and a Physical Therapist.

The results:

Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor:           35 months {95th percentile}
Fine Motor:             28 months {63rd percentile}
Perceptual Motor:   24 months {37th percentile} 

Speech & Language:

Language Comprehension/Receptive Communication:    29 months {75th percentile}
Language Expression:      18 months {9th percentile} (This obviously is the area of concern). 

Personal/Social, Adaptive, & Cognitive Skills:

Adaptive Skills:              43 months {>99th percentile} 
Personal/Social Skills:    29 months {73rd percentile}
Cognitive Skills:             31 months {88th percentile}

So, while Bo is delayed in Expressive Language, he is advanced in other skills. The most notable is that he is off the charts in Adaptive Skills. Bo is highly independent and functions well in daily living activities, despite not being able to talk. 

The end result is for Bo to communicate his ideas and interact with books verbally. This is the reason I sought early intervention ~ Bo was not able to do the activities for his age in Slow and Steady Get Me Ready and Before Five in a Row

I will share how our first appointment went next time! 

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