Sudden Inspiration! {The Well Planned Day}


I was sent the 2013-14 version of The Well Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner last summer in hopes that I would use it and share it with my readers, but with no obligation to do so. I initially turned down the opportunity to review it, knowing what a planner drop out I am, but I was talked into it anyways. See my curriculum up there all scheduled out for me? That works well for me.

Yet, it is a beautiful planner, and I felt bad shelving it after my first attempts to use it. It has encouraging articles from the Home Educating Family Association, space to document family memories, charts for remembering special events and recording household finances, household duties and more. I filled out a daily chart to hold myself accountable and even wrote in seasonal projects. It even has nifty (and beautiful) shopping lists that are perforated for easy removal.

Then, I started a Class Plan for each of my children. . . but while this is a “family planner,” the Class Plan forms only allow for up to 4 children (and I have 6). So, while this is a family planner, this is not a large family planner. And I eventually shelved it.

I’m not a very routine or structured person. (I love to organize, though!) I pray for Father to order my day and I do what I feel most compelled to do each day. This usually works just fine for me.

But, I pulled the planner out this week! Not to plan (ahem), but to document our days. I am always at a loss to pull together a post to share what is going on in our homeschool, when I am not photographing it. And I could never fully document ALL that we do, but this week, I started writing down what we did in the planner.

There is really not enough room to write a lot of details (another reason why this planner may only be ideal for a small family), so I overlapped many sections and my scribbles are not “pretty,” but it did help me start documenting my week.

And while, I didn’t start out “planning,” after filling in the first two days I started thinking about the rest of the week, anticipating what I’d like to have done. I don’t think I could keep up with this on a regular basis, but may use it when I want to share what’s going on around here. :D

Starting this week!


  1. I received a free one at a conference a few years ago and sadly never used it. I do create my own planner/calendar every year, print it out, and have it spiral bound.

    Have fun planning!

    • You know what?! I have only EVER been able to successfully use ONE planner – and that is the one YOU made me! I faithfully used it when doing FIAR and have them all in a folder. It was wonderful to have all my stuff filled in, so all I had to do was write the lesson number, etc. :) I downloaded your Simple Fashioned Planner and PLAN to use it with FIAR!

      • are really too kind. I do use it myself and it does seem to fit FIAR and unit studies. I’m actually in the process of creating my planner now. I need to get it finished soon and get my school reports completed for this year and my proposed reports for next year. This year just went by too fast.

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