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Our Homeschool Home | We rearrange the whole house and turn a bedroom into a school room.

I like to rearrange. It helps me clean and organize my home, so Our Homeschool Home series on the blog continues. We have been in this rental house for 9 years, and this is the first time I have had a school room in this house. It was born to save my sanity and make my husband happy when he walks through the door.

About 6 months after my two grown boys moved out of the house, while dealing with a crisis in my marriage, I made a drastic move. It's true. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I practically rearranged the whole house in the process.

I moved Eliana into the laundry room, so I could move the two youngest boys into her room. Then I moved everything from my office library downstairs to the living room. I moved Dylan into that room and Eliana into his old room. I moved school upstairs to the two boys' old bedroom (once Nathan and Dylan, then Malachi and Boaz).

So, I rearranged the whole house to turn a bedroom into a school room. This won't be possible in our next house, so I will enjoy it while I can.

Box Day for the Youngest Child | Unpacking Sonlight A Upgrades

Bo will be my last child to use Level A - Intro to the World: Cultures. It's bittersweet - my baby is growing up fast, and I love this level!

My youngest gets a lot of hand me down curriculum, but since I bought this level 5 years ago, I upgraded Sonlight Level A, so he could have his own little box day.

Everyday Cooking | Review

Everyday Cooking Cookbook Review at Delightful Learning

Everyday Cooking is a 194 page spiral-bound cookbook (also available as a PDF download) by Vicki Bentley from Everyday Homemaking. The emphasis of the cookbook is on whole food cooking, but Mrs. Bentley and her family are not purists, so it's not a health food cookbook (nor a low-sugar cookbook), but some healthier substitutions are suggested, and she even has a few low-carb, low-sugar options and substitutions.

Learn the Alphabet Through Great Works of Art with the Phonics Museum App | Review

Veritas Press Phonics Museum
Veritas Press now offers their Phonics Museum program as a homeschool phonics app, available in the App Store. The app makes reading fun with a museum theme, fun content, engaging characters, and entertaining stories. Your child tours the phonics museum floor by floor, discovering great works of art, playing games, hearing stories, and singing along to songs.
“See the picture, say the word, repeat the phonic sound, and the phonic rule is heard!”

William and Wendy guide your child through the Phonics Museum along with Percival, a young knight from one of the exhibits who brings the museum alive for your child, and Miss Biddle, the eccentric museum curator guide who is animated in songs and games, but looks real, or "comes to life," to teach the "astonishing simple syllables" your child needs to know to read and write.

Being Content with Your Curriculum

This post, Being Content With Your Curriculum, was written for Sonlight Curriculum. 

When it comes to homeschooling, we all too often meddle with something that is already quite wonderful - our curriculum. The newness wears off. We get bored with it. We try to make it better. Or we see what other homeschoolers are using, and we want to do the same.

In the process of meddling, we forget to enjoy what we have.

How to Have a More Content Homeschool

Getting Ready for a Restful Homeschool Year

This post, Getting Ready for a Restful Homeschool Year, contains a referral link to Sonlight Curriculum. 

We won't officially start school until September 5th, the day after Labor Day, but we had a first day of sorts this week when we started our History, Bible, and Literature reading. I wasn't planning anything special because all this means is that we will now follow a suggested course for the school year, but we are always reading in our home whether school's in session or not. 

So, I wasn't planning anything special, but Eliana decided we should have our first day of school waffles to celebrate being back to school. 

See, she loves school just as much as I had hoped she would.

No-Nonsense Algebra | Review

No-Nonsense Algebra is a simple, straight forward system by Math Essentials that teaches Algebra with lessons that are short and sweet, as well as complete.

Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! | Review

If you or your elementary student wants to learn Biblical Greek, I recommend Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! - Level 2 - a Biblical Greek Worktext. It has a variety of activities to help you learn Greek, and each activity is like a little puzzle to solve. It may look intimidating at first, but Greek 'n' Stuff walks you through step by step in this introductory course and offers plenty of review.

First Day | August 2017

Today, I am sharing a day in the life from this week - Tuesday, August 1st, 2017. One of the things I love about doing a day in the life on the first day of the month is that it is random, and I usually don't remember to do it until that morning (or not at all - it's been awhile).

This is a summer day.

6:30 am woke, made my bed, folded a load of laundry, took my morning supplements, and made chocolate chip muffins.

7:30 am hubby got kids up and ready for bowling camp, and I dropped them off at the bowling alley at 8:30 am while he went to his Tuesday morning staff meeting.

In the Reign of Terror | Review

With fantastic dialogue, music, and sound effects, Heirloom Audio Productions turns audio drama up a notch with their production of In the Reign of Terror. The action packed story kept my listeners on the edge of their seat with mad dogs, a demon wolf, battle scenes, and the dreadful darkness of the French Revolution in a story centered around friendship in this audio drama inspired by G.A. Henty's original book written in 1880.