The Feast of Trumpets {Ideas for Little Ones}

This post has been updated {with photos!} Feast of Trumpets {New Ideas for Little Ones}

The Feast of Trumpets is anticipated to arrive with the new Biblical month. Here are some ideas to help those of you who want to help your little ones understand what the Feast of Trumpets is and why we would want to remember it as believers in Yeshua (Jesus)!

~ Scripture: Leviticus 23:23-25 ~ The Feast of Trumpets Observance

Concepts to understand: the Feast of Trumpets is to be observed on the first day of the 7th Biblical month. The new months are marked by new moons.

Activities: To help little ones understand, you can study the phases of the moon. Check out Amber's Moon Unit Study for inspiration. We will be keeping the Biblical calender dates on our morning calender this month and have marked the Feast of Trumpets with a star.

Concepts to understand: We observe the Feast by having a rest, a remembrance of Teru'ah, and a set-apart gathering.  (Lev. 23:24-25)
  • a rest day ~ we call it a High Sabbath ~ we do no servile work, but can prepare foods if it falls on a week day. The Feast this year falls on a weekly Sabbath so we prepare our food the day ahead (Ex. 16:23) ~ Activity: cook with your children the day before; make something special so that your children will remember it as set-apart. 
  • a remembrance of Teru'ah (Trumpets) a shout or blast by instrument or human voice ~ Activity: blow trumpets and sing a psalm of praise, joy and thanksgiving to YHVH. 
  • a set-apart gathering ~ Activity: assemble with other believers or as a family, read the Word together and sing praise and worship songs

~ Scripture: Numbers 29:1-6 ~ Offerings; Numbers 10:1-4 ~ Two Silver Trumpets

Concepts to understand: The Feast of Trumpets was observed by blowing trumpets and making a burnt offering, a grain offering, and a drink offering.

Activity: To help little one's understand the Trumpets, you can make a silver trumpet craft. Cut 2 trumpet shapes out of a giant silver gift bag ($1 @ Dollar Tree).  Or buy party horns at your local party store or Walmart. Add silver ribbon if they are colored. One year, we printed messages and tied them to the horns and gave them away.

Activity: While we cannot give the required offerings by law, help little one's understand the offerings by helping them keep the heart of this law. Teach them to give sacrificially and offer themselves up as a living sacrifice in honor of Yeshua (Jesus) who gave His life up for us.

~ Scripture: Revelations 1:9-11 ~ Trumpets and YHVH's presence; Matthew 24:30-31 Trumpets at Yeshua's return

Concepts to understand: When John heard Yeshua's voice, it was "a loud voice, as of a trumpet." When Yeshua returns, He will send His messengers (angels) with "a great sound of a trumpet" to announce his return.

Activity: Remember the Feast of Trumpets every year and be ready for Yeshua's return. 

~ Scripture: Numbers 10:1-4; 10:9-10 ~ How Trumpets are Used Throughout the Bible

Concepts to understand: Trumpets were used to gather the congregation together, for breaking camp, for going out into battle and for a remembrance.

Activity: Help little ones understand this by blowing the trumpets to gather the family for dinner, Bible study, etc. 

~ Scripture: Ezra 3:1-6 and Nehemiah 7:73-8:12 ~ Exiles and the Feast

Concepts to understand: After the exiles returned to Jerusalem (Yerushalyaim) from Babylon, they kept the Feast of Trumpets. Ezra read the book of the Torah (law of Moses) to the people. At first they mourned because the Torah had been lost to them, but then Nehemiah, Ezra and the Levites who taught the people told them to not to mourn because the day was set apart to YHVH ~ and they made a great rejoicing!  As scattered Israel living in exile, we too will rejoice when Yeshua returns and gathers up His children and "the joy of YHVH [will be our] strength!" Neh. 8:10

Activity: Pray for the restoration of Yisra'el (Israel)!

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