Thirty-One Gifts

I didn't know that Thirty-one Gifts was a Christian based company or that the name is derived from Proverbs 31. How fitting ~ a wonderful collection of organizing and useful totes for the virtuous woman!

I fell in love with Thirty-One's organizing tote after seeing it being used for a writing center in a bag ~ an idea I soon forgot until I, too, had to make a writing center for Write Shop. I instantly remembered the Thirty-One organizing tote and ordered a Citrus Medallion Organizing Tote along with a clear file bin.

I've received a lot of questions about that tote, so I thought I should let you know that Thirty-One discontinued the organizing tote I have. They went with what would seem to be a more practical design that zips!

But, will it still work as mine does? It does, but not as neatly as the old style does. (See below for ideas on how to make the new tote work!)

My friend, Jenny, is a Thirty-One consultant and she brought over her collection of Thirty-One bags for me to play with. I had so much fun! I'll share some of my favorites, and then invite you to an online Thirty-One party that I am hosting, and give you a chance to enter a giveaway!

The Daisy Craze Picnic Thermal Tote ($35) and the Turquoise with Daisy Craze Thermal Tote ($18)

These two are a perfect combination for a family picnic with a Trim Healthy Mama. :) One tote for the family and special tote for a trimming healthy lunch. Since I met Jenny, I have learned something: It's okay to have a special lunch all my own. I've always shared my trim healthy meals (that's the mom in me), but then I would run out of food that I can eat. I would love to be able to feed my whole family the trim healthy mama way, but it can be expensive. I've lost a total of 30 pounds (yay!) on the plan, and I am determined more than ever to make it to my goal weight.  I don't feel bad anymore (especially because my family enjoys many meals and treats that I can't eat!).

I like to take a picnic lunch to the park and read aloud to the kids on a blanket, and love that I can stick a book right in the tote pocket. (That's our current read-aloud).

Plum Chevron Handle-It Cosmetic Bag ($30)

This bag has 1 exterior zipper pocket, 1 internal zipper pocket, 4 interior elastic loops, PVC lining, and a zipper closure. It would make an awesome cosmetic bag; but, Jenny gave me another idea for this tote. . . a bag to carry my Bible in!

This is our school time Bible, and our Bible and highlighters fit inside perfectly. It's a sturdy tote and will even fit a small journal, pens, and a small snack.

Plum Plaid Mini Zipper Pouch ($12)

The zipper pouches have a laminated interior for easy cleaning and would work great for a make-up bag, but I thought it would be a great essential oil bag for on-the-go. Which got me thinking that it would also make a great boo-boo bag.

I would love to have a bag like this to carry my must haves for boo-boos. For me, that is a roll on tube of lavender essential oil with a carrier oil (good for cuts, scrapes, stings, bites, burns, and calming tired children with boo-boos), a jar of baking soda and coconut oil (my homemade deodorant, but also great for bee stings), some alcohol wipes for cleaning wounds, and of course, bandages. I'm sure I would need a bigger bag as my kit grows, but this would be perfect for grab-and-go must haves.

Keep-It Caddy ($22)

This print is no longer available, but this caddy is available is 4 different print designs. It has a large exterior pocket, 4 pen pockets, and 2 mesh side pockets, and I thought it would make a nice seasonal flu and cold kit. I can't tell you how much I don't want any more sickness in our home! I am stocking up on essential oils this season and I'm determined not to get sick, but if we should happen to get sick (we did), I want to be prepared this time (thankfully, we were!). I still need to purchase some of my must haves for cold and flu season, like more essential oils, teas and herbal tinctures, but I am on my way! In my kit so far, I have essential oils (including my favorite oils for flu and colds), Ginger-ale Zevia for upset tummies (because giving little ones sugar is not a good idea when they are sick), Thieves hand washing soap and hand purifier, and Thieves throat spray, a thermometer, and more.

Black Cross Your Way Rectangle ($25) 

These are the perfect length for the built in cubbies in our master laundry closet, where five of us store our clothes. I love that the clear PVC window lets you see what's inside.

It also hold my Project Life Mini Kits and photos.

And the Your Way Rectangle Lid ($10) keeps dust out.

Best part - it folds for storage! or moving.

Mini Cindy ($48)


This is why I want to do this (besides the fact that I want to help my friend!). I want this purse! I can't decide if I want the Black Houndstooth (pictured) or the Grey Brushed Twill, but I want this purse! I might even need it. :)

Black Chevron On a Stroll Bag ($25). This bag has 2 exterior cup holders, 1 exterior zipper pocket, and is designed to strap to a stroller. Jenny thought it would be a great organizer on the back of a chair, and I agree.

I loaded it up with a few art supplies, colored pencils, pencils, a water bottle, and a box of crayons to give you an idea of how you can use it in your homeschool. You can also use it as intended - attached to a stroller.

The Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote ($35)

The open-top file bin I use in mine does fit, but it is an awkward fit because of the zip-top. Perhaps this one would fit better?

It also fits the Fold N' File ($25), which has two exterior mesh pockets, 2 cut-out round handles, and is collapsible for storage. (I am using this to organize upcoming rows for Five in a Row.)

And it zips for travel, which would be perfect for an office on-the-go. I personally think it is too cute to hide in the bag, and use the Fold N' File by itself, but I like that it zips up inside the Organizing Tote.

I'm Jenny, wife to Jeff and mama to my 7 blessings. We just moved this spring from the prairie of South Dakota to the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming. It's been quite a change, but we are loving it here! I have homeschooled my children from the beginning and am so thankful to the Lord for the opportunity. After moving, we were looking for a way to add to our ever increasing grocery budget and a friend approached me about Thirty-One. I have always been a purse/tote/bag girl, and this is a Christian company, so it seemed like a good opportunity for me to make a little money without leaving my family! If you are interested in hosting your own Thirty-One online or Facebook party, I'd be honored to have you contact me!

If you would like to make a purchase, please visit Jenny's Thirty-One site. You can connect with Jenny on her Facebook Group Jenny's Virtuous Totes where she shares hostess specials and more ideas for using your Thirty-One purses, totes, and bags!


  1. I had not thought of using that thermal as a Bible case! Very cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I would love to see if the on a stroll bag you show on a chair would work on the back of Mason's wheelchair! I also love the Zip Top Utility tote.

  3. I would love the organizing utility tote. Thanks!

  4. I've wanted one of the organizing totes for a while. So glad you're enjoying yours.

  5. My Bible tote is the purple paisley makeup bag! I love it! Right now I'm leaning toward a mini Cindy, too. My full-size Cindy is needing a break.

  6. I love Thirty-One Gifts! I have two Large Utility Totes that I use for everything. The Retro Metro Fold-Over in Plum Plaid has caught my eye :)

  7. Either the zip top/file folder one or the Stroll one as I was just thinking I needed to attach pencils to the kitchen chairs!! :)

  8. I have wanted a Keep-It Caddy for a while now. I also like the idea of the cosmetic bag for a Bible carrier. Thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway.

  9. I would love one of the zip-top Organizing Utility Totes. I have one of the older ones, but I'd like to upgrade someday soon to one that zips, so things don't spill out when I throw it in the backseat.

  10. I would choose this Daisy Craze Picnic Thermal Tote

  11. The zip top organizer would be great!!

  12. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love some of the your way cubes for organizing in my linen closet. :)

  13. i love the keep it caddy, cosmetic bag, and the organizing utility tote! too hard to choose just one.

  14. What a great giveaway! I love the organizing tote. Have one for my church bag. Have another that was my old church bag but being white its gotten blah looking and the mesh has started to wear. But I could turn that into my own writing bag. Never thought to use one of the smaller bags for oils!
    I happen to have the really large (hostess gift) cosmetic/travel bathroom tote. Use it for my Bible. Holds pens, notepads, Bible, journals, lotion etc :-)

  15. What a fun collection! :) I've wondered about washing them, and whether or not the white would not be so bright and clean after awhile!

  16. I have always wanted a Vary You Backpack Purse. I would love to have the ability to turn my purse into a backpack for easier carrying.

  17. My small suitcase handle broke, so the weekender would be a useful replacement.

  18. I love the Organizing Tote, there are so many uses for it.

  19. the metro fold over - gonna have to check that one out further. :D

  20. I love these bags! I have a giant one that we use for the pool. I LOVE the writing center in a bag idea!!