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The All-New Starter Kit is Here!

A new look, and new options. . .

What's new?
  • Copaiba, Di-Gize, and R.C. replaced Citrus Fresh, Tea Tree, and Joy.
  • See through windows on the labels to help you see how much oil you have left.  
  • Four diffuser options: Home, Dewdrop, Bamboo, and Aria diffusers
  • New sample accessories, including sample bottles and product cards.
  • Exclusive price starting at $160 for the starter kit with the home diffuser. (The kit price will change to reflect which diffuser you choose).  This new price is only available to new members. 

The most economical way to get started with Young Living Essential Oils is the New Starter Kit! Click to to learn more or get started HERE!

This post contains consultant links that help support our family. 

To celebrate the new kit, I'm offering free shipping and tax (up to $20 cash back) to anyone who signs up with me in the months of June, July and August with a new starter kit! I will also send you a special thank you gift (valued at $16.95) to help you get started with your oils. :) You must purchase the kit the same month you register with me using my member # 2036325, and you must email me at delightfullearning@gmail.com to let me know that you saw this offer on Delightful Learning to qualify! 

The innovated new starter kit contains some of my favorite essential oils and blends:

Get started here!

Disclaimer: This product or information is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. 

Please also note that while I think essential oils are wonderful, it is very important to use them properly. Please read your labels and follow the usage directions for each oil.


Bekah said...

I've heard several different views about using essential oils around cats. . .I was just wondering if they are safe to use around cats. Thanks :)

Michelle said...

Hi Bekah, you can treat a cat like you would a child and dilute heavily with a vegetable oil and use with caution. But, you must never use melaleuca (Tea Tree) or even any blends containing Tea Tree as death can result. Cat physiology is so different from other animals and from humans that oils should be use with extreme caution.

I personally would not diffuse or use melaleuca and then pet my cat, but I'd apply it to myself, wash my hands, and then pet my cat. I'd use all oils myself personally around my cat, but I'd be cautious using oils ON my cat. I know many pet lovers who use their oils happily around their cat with no worries, and Young Living even has a line of oils designed just for animals - I'd be careful to follow the directions on the label if I ever used them.

There are reference guides just for pets as well - I'm sure they'd be a valuable tool to learn more if you are interested. :)

Bekah said...

Thank you :)