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Many resources are scheduled and suggested in The Prairie Primer. Many of the Primary resources are listed here if the book is available and fairly priced, and some are ones that I found that I wanted to use. Some books listed here are for My Little Primer or for little ones tagging along.

To use this page, I recommend you read the book descriptions and reviews for each book and choose one of the suggested books (sometimes three books are given and you are to choose ONE of them to read aloud in the units). Then, I would look at your local library for the books. Many are old and out of print and your library may have it. Some are so old they are out of circulation. If you can't find a book, you are simply encouraged to choose another book on the same topic!

There are times when my small library doesn't have a book that I want so I buy it on Amazon. I would have loved to have had a list like this when planning, so I share my work to make it easier for anyone who may be reading.

I will add to this list as we go!

(I apologize for the Shop Now & Save ads. They must be links to books that are no longer available at the store I linked to. I'll try to update this when I am able).

Primary Resources I wouldn't want to be without:


Resources we use, but could make do without:


My Little Primer or young learners tagging along:


Big Woods




Plum Creek


The above link is a channel you subscribe to on Amazon. We did not buy Season 1 - we did the free 1 week trial for The Great Courses and canceled before the week was over. We watched Episode 2: Bacteria: Heroes and Villains; Episode 14: Respiratory and Brain Infections (which covers meningitis); and Episode 19: Malaria and Tuberculosis: Global Killers. These have a lot of great information, even though we don't agree with their stance on vaccination.

Plates for our bacteria collection experiments:

 Biography of Louis Braille:

Check out your library for books on your local state and city/town history. 

The Long Winter


I hope this helps - if anything for a visual of the books to help you find them in your own library!

I will be sharing our journey through The Prairie Primer over the 2016-2017 school year. It will be organized by Unit and then by Week in my drop down menu at the top of my blog. If any of the submenu tabs have a valid link, it won't have the word "coming" beside it. 

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate. I earn a small percent at no cost to you if you choose to buy through a link on this page. :)

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