Shell Falls Nature Walk {Currently}

Nature walk currently

They left their home of the summer's ease Beneath the lowland sheltering trees, To see by means unknown to all The promise of the waterfall. ~Whittier We went on a nature walk at Shell Falls after a beautiful drive up the mountain. We stopped at Sibley Lake … [Continue reading]

Lightning Lit & Composition {Review}

Lightning Lit

I had never heard of Lightning Lit or Hewitt Homeschooling before this review, but I was impressed when I visited their site for the first time. In fact, I found just what I needed. I needed a literature course for my 10th grader, but I didn't need a full year course. Hewitt offers semester long … [Continue reading]


Wild blueberries on our hike.

focusing on simplifying my homeschool spending time and energy on what's really important staying home more days then I go out doing less saying no to say yes knowing my limits balancing exciting times with down time ~ makes special times more special hearing the hum of the … [Continue reading]

Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms {Review}

Dear friends, I have a special book review for you today called Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms. It is published by Apologia Educational Ministries, sells for $15, and it is just for moms. It is a wonderfully refreshing book that is meant to encourage you to flourish and find balance in your … [Continue reading]

Preschool with Bo {Little Hands Update}

Bible stories with Bo

A few of you are anxious for an update on Little Hands to Heaven with Bo, so I thought I should let you know that we are just reading the books right now. We left off with letter J and I was hoping to do two letters a week, but Bo lost interest. He did great when I pulled out the letter J to … [Continue reading]

Fizzy Sand Dough {12 Months of Sensory Dough}

Fizzy Sand Play Bo

While reading all about beaches for our "row" of The Yellow Ball, I decided it would be fun to try to tie in this month's sensory dough with our book! Fizzy Sand Play is really so simple and easy, but brought much delight to my little one.  It was the BEST of sand play and water play combined to … [Continue reading]

WriteShop Junior Level E {Review}

WriteShop Review

WriteShop is not just about your child putting pencil to paper. It teaches students how to write using a variety of pre-writing activities and games, graphic organizers, and kid-friendly methods so that writing is easy and fun - even for reluctant writers. I'm excited to share my review of … [Continue reading]

How to keep things calm, quiet, and peaceful.

How to Keep Things Calm Quiet and Peaceful.

One of my favorite things is peace and quiet. I need lots of it to not only think and focus on mental tasks, but also to recharge my batteries. Here are a few things we do to keep things calm, quiet, and peaceful in our home: Limit electronic stimulation, T.V.,and any loud or obnoxious noise … [Continue reading]

Moving Beyond the Page {A Unit Study Curriculum Review}

Sarah, Plain and Tall Unit Study

Moving Beyond the Page is a literature based unit study curriculum that is designed to integrate science, social studies and language arts. I had fun picking out the Language Arts Package - Sarah Plain and Tall and the Science Package - The Land to review, though it was very hard to decide. There … [Continue reading]

Daybook Entry: July 2, 2014

Nature walk

FOR TODAY - July 2, 2014 Outside my window... I see the wind blowing the leaves in the lilac bushes and the sun shining ~ a welcome break from the rain. I am thinking... that I'm enjoying the lazy days of summer too much. I am thankful... for so much. In the kitchen... The … [Continue reading]

Veritas Press: Self-Paced History {Review}

Veritas Press Self Paced History Review

I've always known Veritas Press as a company that offers curriculum for a Classical Christian education, but I've never considered myself a Classical … [Continue reading]

Crictor {Sonlight P 3/4}

Crictor {Sonlight P 3/4}

[Continue reading]

Katy No-Pocket {Before FI♥AR}

Bo Katy

Katy No-Pocket is a Before Five in a Row selection about a kangaroo without a pocket and how she goes about getting one. It is not my favorite book, … [Continue reading]

Design & Drill® Socket to Me {Review}

Socket to Me Review

If you have followed my Tot School with Bo posts, the Design & Drill name should be familiar to you! Bo has {and loves!} the Design & … [Continue reading]

Year in Review 2013-2014

Year In Review

In my 2013-1014 Curriculum post, I wrote: The most notable change this year is that I am combining more children, yet keeping them in their own … [Continue reading]

The Middle Ages & The Duchess Bakes a Cake {Sonlight Core C + FI♥AR}

Core C

We covered the Feudal System with Sonlight Core C, did lots of Middle Ages art with Artistic Pursuits, and then rowed Duchess Bakes a Cake as the … [Continue reading]