My Big Green Pocketbook {B4FI♥AR}

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My Big Green Pocketbook was our "back-to-school" row this fall. It is a sweet story of a little girl and the memories she makes during an outing with her mother one day. She collects her morning in her pocketbook, and then accidentally leaves it on the bus. But, it has a happy ending, and we enjoy … [Continue reading]

Preschool Morning Board

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I watched an old post grow to the top of my "popular posts" list over the summer and it finally inspired me to want to make a new calendar and morning board! That and a row of My Big Green Pocketbook! Last time I hung our boards on the wall, but this time I used a tri-fold board that I … [Continue reading]

My Favorite Essential Oils ~ Peace & Calming

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I'd love to share my favorite essential oils and since this blog is primarily a record of our learning, I'll start with an oil that I use in my homeschool. Young Living essential oils and products can play a role in supporting, affecting, and maintaining overall wellness and specific body … [Continue reading]

Essay Rock Star Writing Course {Review}

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  Do you want a break from teaching writing? Would you like your student to be accountable to and have their work be evaluated by an experienced teacher? If so, Fortuigence offers online writing courses that focus on skills mastery and do all the teaching for you! We received access to … [Continue reading]