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A Walk Around the Neighborhood to Collect Seeds | Exploring Nature with Children

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because it was healthy and delicious.

Stamp Out or Build an Underground Church in this Interactive Game | Review

We love board games, but we especially love card games because they are portable, easy to store, and just as fun. Today, I have a fun review to share of a card game we have been playing as a family recently. 

Designed for 6-12 players, for ages 12 and up, Unauthorized is a role playing card game by Chara Games that involves both strategy and chance and can be played in 30 minutes or less.

Children's Books by Carole P. Roman | Review

This post, Children's Books by Carole P. Roman | Review, contains affiliate links. 

Carole P. Roman has a fun variety of children's books on Amazon for various ages, and we got to review four of them to share with you. I share a little about each one, but be sure to visit the Homeschool Crew blog to see book reviews on all her other books.

How I Set Up Our Sonlight Instructor Guides | No Flipping Required

Sonlight has changed their IG format over the years, but how they have it now is my favorite. In fact, I was so surprised to see people complain about it on the Sonlight Mom's group that I had to comment on how much I liked it the current way. Sonlight picked up on my comment and asked if they could share it in on the Sonlight blog in The Everything Guide to Your Sonlight Instructor’s Guide, which is a must read for anyone wondering how to make the IG work for you

Marine Biology for the Ocean Loving Kid | Review

Apologia Educational Ministries is known for having excellent high school science curriculum, so even though Malachi is only in the 7th grade, he loves marine life and was excited to have the chance to review the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set which is actually geared for high school students who have already completed Biology.

Our Homeschool Home | We rearrange the whole house and turn a bedroom into a school room.

I like to rearrange. It helps me clean and organize my home, so Our Homeschool Home series on the blog continues. We have been in this rental house for 9 years, and this is the first time I have had a school room in this house. It was born to save my sanity and make my husband happy when he walks through the door.

About 6 months after my two grown boys moved out of the house, while dealing with a crisis in my marriage, I made a drastic move. It's true. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I practically rearranged the whole house in the process.

I moved Eliana into the laundry room, so I could move the two youngest boys into her room. Then I moved everything from my office library downstairs to the living room. I moved Dylan into that room and Eliana into his old room. I moved school upstairs to the two boys' old bedroom (once Nathan and Dylan, then Malachi and Boaz).

So, I rearranged the whole house to turn a bedroom into a school room. This won't be possible in our next house, so I will enjoy it while I can.