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I took that photo as I was driving through our subdivision in Montana. It was so beautiful early that morning that I had to stop to take a picture. but when I grabbed my camera, I realized I had on my rose colored sunglasses - everything is beautiful through them (especially sunsets). my husband wears glasses so I tease him all the time that he has rose colored glasses because he sees everything as beautiful. so when I saw a pair at Ross, I had to have them.  

Prairie Week 3 & 4 {Prairie Primer}

Week 3 may have been our favorite week of Prairie because we had another party. If there's not a party scheduled in Plum Creek, we may have to have one anyways. :-) Week 4 was pretty uneventful photo wise, so I'm including it here with week 3. 

 See what we are using and resources we use for more details. 

May 9th-12th & 16th-19th 

Week 3 

Day 1 

Chapter 14 - Indian Camp
Chapter 15 - Fever -N- Ague 

Instead of dying uncooked pasta as suggested, I bought beads. First, Eliana and Bo made beaded bracelets and a necklace. 

Then we made wampum belts. This was so fun that we made a mess of beads and string in the living room... for three days. 

The last unfinished one is Bo's. Malachi made several and ran off with them before I could get a picture. These were so fun to make. 

We read in The Indian How Book on how Indians found food in the forest and how they cooked their food. I'm really enjoying this book. 

I really really wanted the book Foods the Indians Gave Us and a sweet blogging friend sent it to me along with a few others. {{{{thank you}}}} Little Bears Outdoor Adventure Guide was right up Malachi's alley. We also found an illustrated book on Cowboys and Indians at the thrift store - a fun find. 

There is a Fry Bread recipe in the Native Americans Thematic Unit - so happy because that is what I had in mind for our Indian meal. There is a great place to get Indian Tacos just outside the reservation by us - they are huge! I haven't had one since I did my dental hygiene rotation on the reservation, but I used to make them at home often (but rarely now since I'm doing THM). 

We were to cook the Indian meal today, but instead we planned it for our Indian Party on Thursday, Day 4. 

The Literature lesson pointed out that Laura paints such descriptive word pictures in her writing. If only I were as careful to describe the amazing learning moments we share - I try through photos, but I am not a gifted writer and can't describe the meaning that these oral lessons bring to our learning. 

We watched several You Tube videos on malaria this week. They were automatically playing one after the other while we worked on our wampum belts, and we found one on the pathophysiology of malaria very interesting. :-) Mostly we learned that malaria is a parasite transmitted by mosquitos, so we cannot build an immunity to the disease. We can only make efforts to prevent it and treat it if it occurs. A parasite is an organism that grows on or in another organism at the host organism's expense. We later looked up natural treatments for parasites in my reference guide, the purpose of a fever, and how/when to treat a fever naturally. 

Day 2 

Chapter 16 - Fire in the Chimney
Chapter 17 - Pa Goes to Town 

Mali and Elli drew a picture of an oak leaf - a white oak and a black oak, from a collection of leaves that I had from a leaf exchange many years ago. These oak leaves came from the southwest corner of Missouri - not far from where the story takes place. I remember being amazed at how big the leaves are compared to our leaves in the north. 

Day 3

Chapter 18 - The Tall Indian 

Pa trapped and hunted a variety of animals, so we looked up how to build various traps in Living Off the Land. We also read how Indian Trails are Made in The Indian How Book. 

There were lots more illustrations in the Little Bear book. 

Animals of the Prairie 

Can you see them? Animals of the prairie often hide. :-) This is Malachi's page. He added his animals to his flowers page. There is a Great Plains toad, a Rattlesnake, a Prairie Skink, a Plains Garter snake, and a Five Lined Skink hiding in the prairie. 

Day 4 

Chapter 20 - A Scream in the Night
Chapter 21 - Indian Jamboree 

We had bean porridge cold. But, I like 'em hot too. and with potato chips. But I've never had them in a pot nine days old. (How did they even keep that long?)

Eliana and I clapped to Beans Porridge Hot like Laura and Mary did... and then every time we had beans. :-) 

We read about Indian games in The Indian How Book. 

The kids gathered all their Indian items for our party today - fringed leather jackets that I made for the older boys years ago, skins for trading, leather bags and pouches, and our new wampum belts. 

We picked out our Indian names:

Eliana was Quanah, which means "fragrant" and is perfect for her sweet personality.

Malachi was Takoda, which means "friend to everyone" (Sioux), and he does like to have a lot of friends.

Boaz was Tocho, which means "mountain lion." (Hopi) We just liked the sound of it.

Indian Party 

We had Indian Tacos with Fry Bread and all the fixings and blackberries (and cherries). 

Bo wasn't dressed up, so Elli helped him dress like an Indian, haha. 

Malachi is dressed more like a mountain man. :-) 

We played Cats Cradle (or tried to) like Laura and Mary. 

Laura drank out of a tin cup, so I bought us each a tin cup from Amazon. These are so cute. We use these while camping to make hot cocoa and around the house for drinking water and each kid is responsible for washing and taking care of their cup. 


Well, since we are learning about Indians. :-) 


The kids did archery with 4H on Sunday afternoons.

It was about time, so the kids got hair cuts this week, and a hair cut means ice cream no matter how cold it is. I often get compliments on how Bo sits so still to get his hair cut. ;-)

Week 4 

I thought this original article was so neat to read for one of our lessons this week:

The New York Times headline, Published: August 24, 1862:
THE INDIAN MASSACRES.; Terrible Scenes of Death and Misery in Minnesota. Five Hundred Whites Supposed to be Murdered. The Sioux Bands United Against the Whites. FORT RIDGELEY IN DANGER 

We read from Frontier Home - such a cool tie in to the end of the book.

I loved that old stout door with the latch string - Pa left the latch string out in case a traveler needed shelter for the night. 

I have a note to myself to show you something from the World of Little House, but I didn't take a picture.

 I really love this book. 

See, it was a really short week on photos - mostly reading and discussion, which is wonderful. 

Jordan graduated from college this week. Yay! I still can't believe he's done. He finished with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Diesel Technology with a Certificate in Diesel Tech. He also made the honor roll this semester. :-) 

He was right in the front row. 

His dad hosted a BBQ for him, for which I was thankful because I hosted a family reunion the very next weekend. 

So proud and happy for you Jordan. :-) 

Prairie Week 2 {Prairie Primer}

Welcome to Little House on the Prairie Week 2. :)

May 2nd - 5th
 See what we are using and resources we use for more details. 

Day 1

The Wolf Pack

We have a pack of coyotes living in the draw in our canyon and the other night they were howling at the full moon. It was so eerie. I couldn't imagine if they came and formed a ring around the house and started howling.

We read about wolves on Day 1 and mosquitoes on Day 2 (since the Ingall's neighbors have fever-n-ague) in Land Animals and Flying Creatures (Apologia Zoology books). Mosquito study at Handbook of Nature Study would be a useful study to add in here, but it wasn't mosquito season yet at the time of our study. 

We read about mules in Album of Horses and learned that mules are the (infertile) offspring of a donkey and a horse. 

Day 2

Two Stout Doors
A Fire on the Hearth

Laura saw goldenrod growing on the prairie so we read about its uses. 

We read about poisonous snakes on the prairie (and in our area). 

And we talked about safety concerns with heating your home with a fireplace (or wood stove) and later (not this week) go into more detail on fire safety after spending some time at our off-grid home. Bo did a few activities from a Be Safe kit from our local fire department. 

Day 3

A Roof and a Floor
Indians in the House

We started reading from the Indian How Book today on indian dress, hygiene and hospitality. There are really so many lessons from the manual that are just based on discussion that I can't possible include here, so my post is really just a part of our days. 

Day 4

Fresh Water to Drink
Texas Longhorns

Instead of notebooking through each chapter, we made an illustrated dictionary of the plants, animals, and birds of the prairie using Plant a Pocket of Prairie as a guide. This week we did birds and plants. 

Birds of the Prairie 

Plants of the Prairie

And that's week 2. 


Elli worked on her AE Notebook Journal (crossword puzzle), and we read Sonlight Science F books this week. 

Nutrition 101

For muscles, we focused on selenium, magnesium, calcium, and of course proteins. Animal protein sources, whether beef, poultry or fish, are best when they are raised in their most natural habitat with no added hormones or antibiotics and in in an organic environment free of harmful toxins, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Prior to starting Trim Healthy Mama, I greatly limited animal proteins because healthy clean meat is expensive. This unit focused a lot on plant based proteins much to my children's delight. Two of my children are "vegetarians at heart." They prefer plant based proteins and don't eat a lot of meat.

Our general list of preferred plant proteins included raw milk, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beans.

Muscular System Power Recipe - Traditional Hummus Dip with Basil

We loved this so much (and hadn't had it in a long time), so we made it several times. Our favorite way to serve it is with Falafel chips and veggies. 

Another lesson was to make a meal high in protein using more than just animal protein sources. We had Greek chicken with quinoa and creamy asparagus. 
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