Early Learning

 Alphabet Fun

Sonlight P4/5

Update #3

Little Hands to Heaven

{Curriculum and Plans}
Unit 1: Letter A, Adam & Eve, Al...
Unit 2: Letter B, Boat, Noah's A...
Unit 3: Letter C, God Blesses Ab...
Unit 4: Letter D, Isaac and His ...
Unit 5: Letters A-D Review, Youn...
Unit 6: Letter E, Joseph is a Le...
Unit 7: Letter F & Moses
Unit 8: Letter G, The Exodus
Unit 9: Letter H, 10 Commandment...
Unit 10: Review Letters E-H, Jos...
Unit 11: Letter I, Judges
{Little Hands Update}

Preschool Nature Study

Tot School ~ Fall Leaves Fall!
Nature Explorers Club ~ Flower to Seed
Nature Explorers Club: Horse Chestnut Tree
Nature Explorers ~ Squirrels
Nature Explorers: Habitat
This One is for the Birds ~ Pine Co...
Nature Explorers: Life Cycle of a Tree
The Outdoor Hour ~ Signs of Autumn
Fall Leaves Fall
The Busy Little Squirrel
I Am an Artist ~ Clouds {Before FI♥AR}

10 Days of Preschool

Sensory Exploration and Concept Building
The Art Experience: Paint!
Tips for Success
Create a Memory!
Creating a Literacy Rich Home
Quality Children's Literature
Preschool Curriculum and Resources

Preschool Series

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