Preschool with Bo: Good Night Gorilla, Letter Gg


~Bo is 3 years, 4 months~

Good Night Gorilla, is a selection from Sonlight P 3/4. Bo enjoyed listening to the video of the story on my phone.

Zoo Book

We made a Zoo Book with the animals I printed from Homeschool Share's Good Night Gorilla printables.

Bo matched each zoo animal to the color of their cage in the book. Then matched up the correct keys. I punched holes and tied it together with yarn to make a book.

The rest of our unit was devoted to Animal ABCs and making a fun snack.

G is for Gorilla

Gorilla Picture Study

Note the orange jersey. It is Malachi's, but Bo wouldn't part with it, so Luke brought him home a blue jersey (his favorite color) and also a white jersey. And that is all I can get him to wear, it seems! He hardly lets me take it off him to wash it!

Gorilla Shapes

Dot Paint the Gs

Bo can't say the /g/ sound, which is made in the throat, so I am having him cough and feel his throat so he can feel where the /g/ sound comes from. (He says /d/.)

Tablet Teachables {Alphabet Hunt} ~ Letter G.

Count with Me! Gorilla Numbers

Bo counted with chocolate chips ~ one chip for each correct number. (He made it to nine.)

Note the Sensational Kids T-Shirt - he let me put it on him since he had speech that day. :)

Make a Memory

Campfire Banana Boats ~ chocolate chips and mini marshmallows stuffed in a banana and roasted. They were surprisingly good. (I had a bite or two).

We also made Banana Scented Edible Play Dough and Mini Banana Cream Pies. . .

and made a Good Night Gorilla Muffin Tin.

Banana themed Muffin Tin Moment for Letter G and Goodnight Gorilla.

  1. red - banana yogurt with whipped cream and sprinkles

  2. orange - banana "hot dog" with Nutella and strawberry jam

  3. yellow - banana milk with strawberry banana straw

  4. green - banana cookies

  5. blue - banana

  6. pink - banana cereal puffs

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Abby said...

Seriously! Now I want to row this so I have an excuse to make one of those grilled bananas. You are so creative with your tie ins. We definitely outgrew LHTH before we finished it, but I'm sure you'll find a way to have fun, without feeling overwhelmed. You're outstanding at that!

Whispered Abundance said...

I love how serious he looks when he's working! He is so cute :) Those bananas look yummy! I can relate to homeschool program overload, but its really a blessing to have so many good programs in comparison with what I had with my oldest daughters. (I'm reminding myself as I type this comment.)

Amy @ Wildflower Ramblings said...

What a sweet week, I love your banana treats -- we'll have to try those!! Thanks for sharing how HARD it is to fit everything in that we want to!! I have just been slacking lately and have to get back on track! <3

Michelle said...

I remember that you did and had you and T both in mind. I'm thinking about doubling up (and not doing it all), what do you think?

Michelle said...

Sigh. I'm thinking about doubling up LHTH to finish by the end of July. (and keeping it simple!) :) I'm guessing you finished the alphabet by now? I'm sure a break has been wonderful!

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