Trident Case {Review}

Trident Case Review
I've been using the Cyclops Case for Apple iPhone 5/5S by Trident Case for the past month. Admittedly, I wanted to review this case because I thought it was prettier than my dull black case that hides my pretty white phone, and because it comes with a lanyard loop and has an anti-skid surface.

I was disappointed when my case arrived because it only comes with the loops - not the lanyard. My bad for not knowing that a lanyard loop is just the holes that hold the lanyard.

First thing I did when it arrived was to open the case to access the "instruction booklet." Side note: the instructions need to be on the OUTSIDE of the case! It was a miracle I opened the case the first time, because it is very hard to open with the phone in the case.

The case needed cleaning upon opening the package - just some dust from the packaging.

I pulled out the "instruction booklet" and was disappointed to see that the instruction booklet includes "instructions" for all of the iPhone cases, and the instructions for my case only consist of 2 diagrams with no words - not very helpful.

Once I got the phone in the case, it was very, very hard to get it out. I couldn't do it without causing damage to the case.

I bent the case on the 2nd day of my review. As a result the corners are not snug, and dust can easily enter.

I took it out because I plug my phone into my car stereo and I couldn't get it to work. I thought maybe it was the case, so I wanted to see if it worked without it. It was not the case and I did later get it to work, but not before ruining the case. I was able to bend it back and still use it, thankfully.

So, I was set on not taking the phone out of the case until the end of the review. . .

But, I noticed moisture under the screen.

The case has a built in screen protector, but the home button is uncovered. It is too easy for moisture to get in through this opening as well as the opening where the speaker/camera is. When little ones slobber or touch it with wet hands, moisture can get under the screen. Because of this, it needs to be cleaned regularly.

And I did mention that the case is very hard to open. 

My screen also got scratched. I have a big scratch across the front, and I'm not sure how it happened. I've just had a streak of mishaps with this case.

I am surprised at how white the case is after several weeks of using the case! It still looks clean and white. . . and pretty! And the anti-skid surface works. I like to put my phone on speaker and set it on my dashboard for hands-free driving. And it doesn't slide down the dash.

I do like that it is slimmer than my old case, and that I can fit it into my back pocket. But, while the case is slimmer, it is also a bit longer than my case (to allow for the lanyard loop), so I would have loved to have a lanyard actually come with it. Also, because of the length, I can't comfortably use my phone one handed in the vertical position. (I have to prop it up with my other hand). And while it is prettier than my old case, and feels sturdy, I don't believe it is as protective. In fact, my phone has additional scratches and scuffs (on all four corners and the top and bottom) since using this case - just from sitting in the case.

Now, having said that, I do feel the Trident is more protective than the cases my two oldest boys have been using. If I could talk my oldest into using the Cyclops for his iPhone 5, I'd feel better. He has a slim case without a top (just a film protector), and I worry with how active he is that something will happen. I wouldn't worry as much if he used the Cyclops case.

Where I have little ones using it, even though it is meant for all ages, I don't feel my phone is as protective with this case.

Since the case had dust and a smudge inside the case, I took it off to clean it today and put my old case back on to see if I would miss the Trident. The only thing I really miss is that the home button was easier to push on the Trident since it is uncovered. It may take me some time to get used to that again. But, the lock button is much easier to press and I had gotten used to how hard I had to push to lock the phone on the Trident. Because I almost never get moisture or dust under the screen on this case, and because it is so much easier to open and clean, I will probably keep my old case on.


Age: all ages

Price: $39.95

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5S

Contents: Cyclops case and "instruction booklet"

Colors: Black, grey, pink, red, green, white

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  1. Oh wow! You DID bend it all up! Wasn't it crazy that you had to fight with and open the case to get the instruction booklet? Not sure who's bright idea that was....but it seems to be a common complaint of those who reviewed the product! LOL! That and that it was SO HARD to get in and out. I have YET to take mine out...I rather like it for what I use it for...but it's my Kindle not my phone.