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Homeschool this week. . .


Nathan & Dylan - I ordered the Algebra 1 Tutor Part 2 (see my review of Part 1) for the boys, and they watched the Solving Inequalities Video on Mon. and did the Worksheets on Tuesday. Then I made plans to have the boys do LOF Algebra 1 W-F.

Nathan also did Homeschool Programming: Ch. 5 Lessons 1-4: Looping Programs & Ch. 6 Lessons 1-4: Text Box.

Malachi - CTC Math: Multiplication x6, x7, x8, & x9, and finished the last two chapters in LOF Honey.

Eliana - Math Lessons for a Living Education: Lessons 31-36, which was all review. (She finished the book, and since it was a rather cold and rainy day, I made her hot cocoa with kosher mini marshmallows to celebrate!).  She started working in Singapore Math 1A where we left off. She is more than ready for it now.

Bo worked on counting and shapes. :)

Jordan ~ I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but Jordan recently retook the math Compass College Placement Test and he tested two levels higher than the first time he took it AND tested into the math he needs for his program! (Math 1500) I think a semester of college has been good for his confidence. He took his time and worked on the test more carefully this time (took longer to take the test) and did much better. (Really a relief for both of us). I feel confident giving him the grade he has earned and as soon as he wraps up his economics course, he will be done!


Nathan - Sonlight Core 100: Started book #8 A History of Us: Age of Extremes and read about Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Mr. Story Teller on Monday. For Lit, of which he is behind, he is reading Tom Sawyer. He was gone all day for an away game on Tuesday. (I'm not sure what else he did this week as I was gone and then he was gone again for soccer.)

Dylan - Sonlight Core G: Listened to SOTW for Weeks 25-30. For Lit, he is reading Catherine Called Birdy.

Malachi & Eliana - Sonlight Core C: CHOW Ch. 50 Real Castles, Ch. 51, Knights and Days of Chivalry, & Ch. 52 William the Conqueror. Our History read-aloud is Castle Diaries: The Journal of Tobias Burgess. Malachi is also doing Minecraft Homeschool - Castles and Canons.

Malachi & Eliana - Heros and Heroines of the Past American History. (This is a review item.) I'm not really ready to do do American History yet, but the program has given me an idea. . . I'm thinking about doing this with Prairie Primer when we get to Am Hx. (Would like to squeeze a year of FIAR in there before we do, though).


Nathan - One Year Adventure Novel L 18 & 19. Nathan is working on the profile for his main character. Today the quality was "something to want." I forgot to ask what his character wanted. We will undoubtably be spreading this out over two school years because Nathan is behind. I plan to add LOF LA with it next year.

Dylan - Jump In writing: Compare/Contrast.


  • Mon:  All About Reading 3 (link to my review) L 33 & 34 "dge" And AAS Step 18 - Ways to Spell /e/ (long e). In Primary Language Lessons, we did possession, and go-went-gone (oral lessons).

  • Tues: He did L 35 & 36 (Prefixes) and Step 19  (suffix "ed") in AAS. This day he didn't do the dictation, but he did do the Writing Station. We've been doing 2 reading and 1 spelling lesson per day. The first reading lesson is a new teaching, and the 2nd lesson is applying the concept and reading a story from the reader, along with vocabulary and comprehension, so they go together well. I mention some storage tips in my review to make the lessons go smoother, and I finally sat down with a good movie and finished the rest of the activity book. It really is convenient and the lessons go much quicker this way.

On Monday, Malachi did Word Flippers - Prefixes and filled out his Progress Chart.

AAS Lesson 19: Three Sounds of /ed/ - ed, d, t and Writing Station

(and review of the 1-1-1 Rule)

For the Writing Station, I dictate 5 related words and Malachi makes them into a sentence.

Dictation and Ways to Spell Long E

Writing Station

(Those are out of order)

  • Wed., Malachi did AAR Lesson 35 & 36 ("oo" as in book), and AAS Step 20 (drop the "e" rule). Dylan actually did these lessons with Malachi, as I traveled this day. I had everything laid out for him before I left and because the manual is open and go and tells you exactly what to do, he was easily able to teach! Another reason, Why I Love Teaching with All About Spelling and Reading!

  • Thurs., I did AAR Lessons 39 & 40 ("ew") and AAS Step 21 (the "er" of first - /ir/).

In the following lesson, Malachi is matching up character qualities with fictional (fairy tale) characters. Love how the activities always tie into the story he will be reading.

We ended up doing 8 AAR 3 lessons and 4 AAS lessons this week. My goal was 6 and 3, but Malachi is eager to finish! I'm really hoping I get selected to review WriteShop Level E, because I am ready to do some more formal writing with him while we wait for AAR Level 4 to come out.


  • Mon: Finished Logic Of English Lesson 3. (Review coming soon). We have been taking 2 weeks per lesson, but I think this program would have been a better fit for Malachi since he has a solid foundation from AAR/AAS. I am considering it for him as a review over the summer.

  • Tues: AAR Level 1 Lesson 38 "nk" and AAS Step 21 "nk" spell with tiles. Wed. she will spell on board and Thurs. she will do dictation (or so I wrote in my  planner). We ended up skipping school on Wed. so we spelled on paper and did dictation on Thursday.

Can't tell you how thankful I am to pick up AAR/AAS with this particular lesson! I was not satisfied with the way LOE handles /nk/, but AAR/AAS made much more sense!

(Please note the SWEATER Eliana is wearing! It feels like the beginning of March here in WY - not nearly MAY!). Thankfully, it warmed up for a couple days before it got chilly again.

We were gone all day Wed., so Thursday, she finished up her spelling lesson for the week, and did AAR 1 Lesson 41, and read "Cobweb the Cat."

I love how she is sounding out the phonograms to spell. She even remembered the lesson from the day before: "nk" only comes after a, i, o, and u, and it never comes after an e! So, when she is spelling "think" or "pink," she knows it is not an e that makes the long e sound - it is the third sound of /i/ (or long e) in these parts. (The manual lets me know that some pronounce "think" with a short i). I also took a short video of her reading the first four pages of Cobweb the Cat to document how much her reading has improved.


M & E - Tues: We started The Moon in Apologia Elementary Astronomy, pages 66-70 and narration (skipped from the sun to the moon). And that is all we did. Malachi did Supercharged Science a couple days this week, though. He has to do all of his subjects to get his Minecraft time, so he watched several videos and did an experiment all on his own called Sensing Temperature. He had a cup with hot water, a cup with ice cold water, and a cup with room temperature water set out on the counter. He had me close my eyes and put a finger in each of the hot/ice cold cups and leave it there for a minute. Then he had me put my fingers in the room temperature cup. The water felt cool to the finger in the hot water, and warm to the finger that was in the cold water - but the temperature was the same! :) He said you can only sense changes in temperature, and not the temperature itself. Sometimes he does Science4Us, but he has been drawn to Supercharged Science this week.

Dylan - conversions (speed, distance, acceleration, and velocity) in Apologia Physical Science.

Nature Study

We had a flock of small birds alight in the willow tree of our front yard. Dylan (13) came rushing down the stairs and told me I HAD to come see! We grabbed the field guide to identify the birds, and then sat and enjoyed their calling until we made too much noise and scared them away.

Enjoying Nature

I spent a few hours at our place in MT with the two youngest during a trip to get groceries this week. It was so nice and peaceful, I lingered longer than I should have (was very tired on the 3 hour drive home). The creek was flowing with water and the kids enjoyed exploring while I enjoyed the peace and quiet. It was encouraging to see the pond down the road from our place full of water - I prayed for a wet spring and this is the fullest I have seen the pond (it was dry the last two years). I also let Elli and Bo take turns "driving" up and down our gravel road. :)

On top of school:

  • We had soccer games and practices all week and Nathan had an away game and a home game.

  • I traveled to Montana to shop and stopped at our property.

  • I ordered a new bunk bed (twin full) for the younger kids and Jordan put it together for me.

  • We went on a field trip to the AG center at the college, planted some seeds, watched a horse get a new shoe, and identified some native plants.

  • We took Elli's rabbit outside to play (as we have been doing on nice days) and {gasp} forgot about her, left her out all night, and she escaped. We found her late the next day down the street. After apologizing to the neighbors for their missing flowers, I was very thankful that she stayed near the flowers and didn't wander too far.

  • We cleaned out the chicken coop (the younger kids and I) to get it ready for our chickies that we got last week!

In fact, Bo would like to introduce you to Hunter (the hen) - Mali, Elli and Bo's favorite.

Quick catch up from the previous week:

My Macbook Pro had to be sent into to be repaired, so I wasn't able to journal about the Holy Days, but, we had a fulfilling Spring Feast as we remembered the Passover and Unleavened Bread. We had unleavened tortillas and ate Mexican all week. :)  I made THM Key Lime Truffles and baklava (yum!). I made a fruit salad with whipped cream for First Fruits (resurrection day). (I always do some sort of fruit dish and talk about how Jesus is the first fruits from the grave - the first to rise from the dead and is still living). It snowed that week, and then warmed up for a few days (yay!). Luke left me daisies and a Kevita in the car for me one day (a nice surprise). I made a Big Mac Salad (THM style) and it was sooo good I have made it three or more times since. I also made my first batch of Good Girl Moonshine, and on sunny days I am drinking iced tea!

And I've been thinking non-stop about what I will be doing next year for school. . .