Let's Click: Getting Closer

This is actually the week before this past week. . . whatever week that was! I'm a little behind, but have been busy working hard to wrap up a few subjects (on top of reviews and projects I am working on).

Quick update. LOTS of pics.


Working very hard to finish All About Reading and All About Spelling 1. I have lots of captures of her so I made collages. I just can't help but notice how much she is growing and changing.

Working on her Singapore Math 1A.

Picked up her Evan Moore Writing Traits (1st grade - the only book I like in this series). She is working on action words this week (verbs).

All About Spelling. . . learning about open and closed syllables, and yay! she gets this!

Reading a story. . .


This guy is plugging away on his AAR/AAS 3 - in the home stretch!

He is also working on CTC Math - multiplication. . . and then Minecraft Homeschool (which is his last week).


We started Little Hands to Heaven Unit 9 on Thursday, this week.

Field Trip

We made a spur of the moment trip to Gillette, WY to see Nathan's soccer game and we left a little early to visit Einstein's Adventurarium. It's a really neat science center, but it was also overwhelming - too much to learn in a short time. I love to be able to visit for one topic at a time! Elli loved it because she was learning about a lot of this stuff in Science4Us.

It was a whirlwind of learning!


  • learned about simple machines and explored pulleys, inclined planes, levers, and more. Malachi lifted a 176 pound wedge using a lever.

  • spun the water wheel to learn about centrifugal force.

  • explored magnets and operated a magnetic crane.

  • explored lasers, mirrors, and prisms.

  • learned how gear gadgets work.

  • learned about the Three Laws of Motion (Newton's)

  • looked at cool rocks.

  • did a "dinosaur dig"

  • made giant bubbles in the bubble room

  • explored the human body

  • saw many critters, fish and habitats

  • threw steel balls into a gravity chamber

  • explored the cave room

  • and more!

Bo loved the pretty rocks.


Dylan focused on his Jump In Writing, Life of Fred, and Physical Science this week.


Nathan rocked his History this week to get caught up. He read 34 chapters in History of Us Book 8 and 12 chapters in Tom Sawyer. Then he did two lessons in The Algebra 1 Tutor Part 2. The plan is to finish Tom Sawyer, then read the rest of Core 100 History books, and then do the Literature as reading over the summer.

Nathan had his last JV A game on Thursday.


Jordan has his English and Government finals this week. He got a 93% on his English final! I just peeked at his final grades as I am editing this post (because he hasn't checked them yet) and he got a B in Government and an A in English. I'm sure he will be happy!

After Jordan got home from his last final on Friday, I had a slight panic moment - this boy is about to graduate! The same day, I ordered a cap and gown, a tassel and a diploma, planned his grad party down to the food and decorations (planning a SIMPLE celebratory BBQ), and designed the announcement/invitation. :D Thank goodness, because I thought I had a month to plan, but I had to move it up a week. As soon as his cap and gown get here, I will do a photo shoot for the announcement/invitation (since we are not doing a formal ceremony) and have them printed and hopefully mail out the same week. I picked up some food and supplies for the party yesterday. Jordan's grandma is ordering the cake. I'm planning on royal blue and gold balloons on each side of the cake. On May 30th, he will be officially graduated!

I also worked on the book list for his transcript. Almost done! Eeek!