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Preschool with Bo Unit 8: Letter G, The Exodus

~Bo is 3 years 4 months~

We made it to Unit 8! In this unit, God sent the last plague and the firstborn of all Egypt died. The Israelites marked their doors with blood, so the angel of the Lord would pass over them. The king was sorry he did not listen and let the Israelites go. As the Israelites left Egypt, they were given jewelry and other gifts (focus of our math activity). God led the Israelites with a cloud by day and pillar of fire by night (we played follow the leader!). God parted the Red Sea, and the Israelites passed on dry ground (we did a lovely watercolor painting.) God saved the Israelites as they fled from the Egyptians but the king's army drowned. God provided manna from above and water from a rock. (We had a manna race!)

See our curriculum to see more of what we are doing!

Highlights of Our Week:

G is for God {Big Thoughts for Little People}

Hide and Seek G

Bible Story

Ten Plagues

  1. Blood

  2. Frogs

  3. Gnats or Flees

  4. Flies or Wild Beasts

  5. Sick Livestock

  6. Boils

  7. Hail

  8. Locuts

  9. Darkness

  10. Death of First Born

The Ten Plagues Song

(to the tune of This Old Man)
Then God sent. . . Plague number ten,

PHARAOH'S SON DIED so he gave in,

All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low

Finally Pharaoh LET THEM GO!

(From a Passover playset I bought on Etsy - more in my Ancient Egypt post).

Parting the Red Sea Watercolor:

Bo did a great job mixing colors for the sea! (So love that he is learning right along side us in Art!).

Masking Tape G

Manna Race

So love that he offered up this pose - all my other photos were blurry!

Bo's favorite things to drink - "juice and passion tea." (Bible lesson was on being thankful for the foods and drinks we have). :)

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