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Preschool with Bo: Good Night Gorilla, Letter Gg

~Bo is 3 years, 4 months~

Good Night Gorilla, is a selection from Sonlight P 3/4. Bo enjoyed listening to the video of the story on my phone.

Zoo Book

We made a Zoo Book with the animals I printed from Homeschool Share's Good Night Gorilla printables.

Bo matched each zoo animal to the color of their cage in the book. Then matched up the correct keys. I punched holes and tied it together with yarn to make a book.

The rest of our unit was devoted to Animal ABCs and making a fun snack.

G is for Gorilla

Gorilla Picture Study

Note the orange jersey. It is Malachi's, but Bo wouldn't part with it, so Luke brought him home a blue jersey (his favorite color) and also a white jersey. And that is all I can get him to wear, it seems! He hardly lets me take it off him to wash it!

Gorilla Shapes

Dot Paint the Gs

Bo can't say the /g/ sound, which is made in the throat, so I am having him cough and feel his throat so he can feel where the /g/ sound comes from. (He says /d/.)

Tablet Teachables {Alphabet Hunt} ~ Letter G.

Count with Me! Gorilla Numbers

Bo counted with chocolate chips ~ one chip for each correct number. (He made it to nine.)

Note the Sensational Kids T-Shirt - he let me put it on him since he had speech that day. :)

Make a Memory

Campfire Banana Boats ~ chocolate chips and mini marshmallows stuffed in a banana and roasted. They were surprisingly good. (I had a bite or two).

We also made Banana Scented Edible Play Dough and Mini Banana Cream Pies. . .

and made a Good Night Gorilla Muffin Tin.

Banana themed Muffin Tin Moment for Letter G and Goodnight Gorilla.

  1. red - banana yogurt with whipped cream and sprinkles

  2. orange - banana "hot dog" with Nutella and strawberry jam

  3. yellow - banana milk with strawberry banana straw

  4. green - banana cookies

  5. blue - banana

  6. pink - banana cereal puffs

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