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Our #SonlightStories

Sonlight Preschool Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Fun

Curriculum and Plans



Goonight Gorilla

Sonlight Pre-K Exploring God's World 

Choosing Sonlight

The Red Carpet {B4FI♥AR}

Learning Moments

Update #2

Update #3

Sonlight A World Cultures

2012 - 2013 Curriculum {Core A}

Our first week of A

Week 7 Medieval Time Fun with The Duchess Bakes a Cake

Sonlight B World History 1

Charlotte's Web

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Egypt

Little Pear

Ancient Greece

Hannibal's Elephant Ears | Ancient Rome

Sonlight C World History 2

Middle Ages, the Feudal System, and The Duchess Bakes a Cake

Sonlight D+E American History

The Hatmaker's Sign, Benjamin Franklin and the American Revolution

My Sonlight badges:

My Sonlight Badges

(Curriculum I have purchased directly from Sonlight)

All of the older boys work is shared here and there and in my homeschool journals. Maybe someday, I will have time to archive them, but not now.

Until then... 

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