The Glorious Flight {FI♥AR}

We left Cambrai, France and flew across the English Channel during our row of The Glorious Flight. We saw a plane take off at our local airport, made a cardboard airplane, did some flight related science, had some French food and more.  

Story Disk:

Note: Instead of taping the Story Disks, I'm thinking of mounting a map to a foam board and pinning the disks on. That way the country itself is not covered up. 

Working on Daily 6-Traits Writing ~ drawing details for the beginning, middle and end of the story:

Love it when I can tie in our regular school with FIAR.

Field Trip:

This was totally spur of the moment ~ a trip to the airport to see what we could see. Mali and Elli have never flown, nor been to the airport before. Mali was especially excited to see the plane take off.  

Note: I often do the writing in the books - he narrates, then I write. I know Malachi would not enjoy these as much if I made him do all the writing. It really depends on how much writing he does that day in other subjects - I really want him to enjoy writing!

{Color copy of the book}

{flag is backwards, oops!}

{He had to create new titles for The Glorious Flight.}


{I had to help him by reminding him of the sound the hoe made in The Tale of Peter Rabbit}

The Forces of Flight mini books are from the Wonders of Flight unit study from TOS. (On sale for $1)

Memory Making ~ Cardboard Airplane

Malachi was having some serious play. Right after this picture was taken he started climbing out of the plane in a quick way ~ ha! he was ejected from the plane. :D

And it crash landed. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on. (:

We learned about the instruments needed to fly an airplane:
  • altitude
  • direction
  • speed
  • pressure and temperature in the cabin
  • route
  • fuel amounts
  • condition of engines
  • how the hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems are functioning
  • weather conditions
I included a lever switch for lifting the flaps and a warning light. I borrowed Jordan's CB, found the steering wheel at the dollar store for 50 cents and Malachi drew the gauges. The plane was too heavy to hold up, so I added the bungee straps. 

I wrestled with that box on a hot, humid day (it has been relatively cool here, so I wasn't used to the heat) and then after a day it was in the way and I didn't think the kids were interested in it any more so I took it apart. They were a tad bit (to say the least) disappointed, so I guess I should have given them a few more days. 


We read:
  • Usborne Science Activities Vol. 2 ~ How Planes Fly, How Pilots Steer (p. 16-17)
  • Usborne Book of Knowledge ~ Aeroplanes (p. 200) and Flying Machines (p. 150). 
Experiment: Rising Paper

The paper is supposed to rise when he blows across the top because "the air beneath pushes harder than the fast moving air above." Malachi could not blow hard enough to make it work, but it worked for me so he got the idea.

Make a Glider:

I think this was the coolest paper airplane we've made - complete with a rudder and flaps that bend to turn the plane.

Five in a Row Recipe:

Crusty French Bread {bought at the market just like the French}

and French Onion Soup.

(This was our first time making French Onion soup. I toasted the bread on both sides, melted the cheese on top and then added it to the soup since I do not own oven safe bowls. The soup was good, but missing something. I left out the wine because I didn't have any, but maybe that is what it needs). Do you have a good recipe? I'd love to try it again.


Once again, we rowed this over two weeks (thanks to wanting to make the plane and the Wonders of Flight unit), but I have been working on simplifying when it comes to Five in a Row. We had a great week this week rowing Mirette on the High Wire and while I cannot say that I kept it simple, we did row it in one week! :D

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