October {First Day}

October 1, 2014

  • Waking up way too early for my comfort lately, thanks to the boys getting up to go to school.

  • Working into a school routine, but it still takes us all day it seems!

  • Enjoying pancake breakfast on the 1st Wednesday of the month at the Y.

  • Making a quick trip to Safeway for Zevia (Ginger Root Beer to calm my stomach) and fruit because that is all that sounds good to me after being sick. . . and later a tuna sandwich on toasted sprouted bread?

  • Eating peanut butter, banana, apple, and honey sandwich (kids).

  • Diffusing Peace & Calming to help the children focus on their school (wonderful stuff!).

  • Moving along in Math Lessons for a Living Education.

  • Taking over Malachi's logbook to help keep track of our day.

  • Reviewing a new product - IXL.com Math and Language Arts.

  • Keeping up on laundry (for now).

  • Popping a balloon a day (with a treat inside!) to count down to the Feast of Tabernacles.

  • Taking breaks throughout our day.

  • Working on rhyming with Bo in All About Reading Pre-Reading.

  • Struggling to get through our day at times.

  • Pulling AAR 2 lessons out one week at a time is working well.

  • Watching Bo set up his own math problems for me to solve from watching Mathtacular.

  • Writing several reviews this week and working hard to get caught up so we can enjoy our time off for the Feast.

  • Regulating downtime for the kids on the iPad, which means no movies or games - just educational apps.

  • Receiving happy mail today ~ Teaching Textbooks Math 5 for Malachi.

  • Taking selfies. (Elli) Love that one of her!

  • Enjoying the rain. . .  and soccer practice, even if it means watching from the car!

  • Linking up with First Day!

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