{Trim & Healthy} Raspberry Italian Cream Sodas


This drink is inspired by my quest to be a Trim, Healthy Mama!

I love soda, and I really love Italian Cream Soda. I usually make it with a vanilla sugar syrup, club soda, and half and half, but on my quest for health and energy, sugar is out of the question! Enter Truvia and real raspberries! I made this for my kiddos because they take after me! and we had just made pretend sodas for a sensory play activity. But, after making pretend "Root Beer Floats," I wanted the real thing, so we were ready this time!

Once I did the prep, they were so easy, the kids all made their own.

First, thaw some frozen raspberries and blend until smooth in a blender. Add a little water if need to make a spoonable raspberry sauce, and sweeten with Truvia to taste.

I gave the kids the raspberry sauce with a glass of ice, a can of club soda, and a packet of Truvia to sweeten to their heart's content. (My kids like Truvia! They eat it by the packet, and think it's candy, hehe!)

After it is sweetened, add a splash of cream or half and half and stir.

Then top with whipped cream or fat free Redi Whip! Yum!

The kids had fun following a pretend activity with a real one! And I got my soda fix. :) Just be careful if you drink with a straw - the raspberry seeds sink to the bottom and you are likely to get a mouthful of seeds if you drink from the very bottom.


Fay Gibson said...

I watched an interesting program on TV the other day about the benefits/drawbacks of sugar and fats. I don't know if you'll be able to watch it on IPlayer in the US but there's a link. Very interesting!!!! It seems that in the US it's sugar that's the 'poison' where as in the UK it's fat. The program was quite enlightening.

Phyllis at All Things Beautiful said...

That looks SO good.

Homeschooling6 Mom said...

I'll have to try this, thank you!

Veens @ Our Ordinary Life said...

I love soda too... I have been wanting to make a healthier choice by not drinking Colas but I really love it. This seems like an awesome idea... Hope to try it soon.

Amy @ Wildflower Ramblings said...

Mmmmm this looks amazing! I never would have thought of it!

Bridget said...

This looks delicious! Thanks for sharing. This should be a perfect drink with some "flavor" for me since I am gestational diabetic and can't drink anything than water or tea!

Michelle said...

Another good option, if you have it there, is Zevia - I'm a huge new fan! But, the club soda works so great - I tried it with Passion tea, too. Yummy!

Michelle said...

I'm desperate, Amy! LOL! I'm 3 weeks off sugar. :)

Michelle said...

Bridget, I am on a low-glycemic diet right now so yes, I think it would be perfect! It would work with any berry, since berries are low glycemic! I'm also liking it with Passion tea - sweetened with Truvia, and concentrated so it doesn't water down the soda. :)

Susana said...

You are doing so good with your new way of eating! I'm inspired and need some motivation to kick the sugar :(. This is awesome, Michelle!

Michelle said...

Susana, I have lost almost 20 pounds! But, I feel so much better being off my addiction to sugar. I have more energy (when I'm not sick)! I saw your invite for My Fitness Pal - I deleted the app, but will have to add it back on now! I'm really curious to try it now that I am actually losing weight!

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