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{Trim & Healthy} Raspberry Italian Cream Sodas

This drink is inspired by my quest to be a Trim, Healthy Mama!

I love soda, and I really love Italian Cream Soda. I usually make it with a vanilla sugar syrup, club soda, and half and half, but on my quest for health and energy, sugar is out of the question! Enter Truvia and real raspberries! I made this for my kiddos because they take after me! and we had just made pretend sodas for a sensory play activity. But, after making pretend "Root Beer Floats," I wanted the real thing, so we were ready this time!

Once I did the prep, they were so easy, the kids all made their own.

First, thaw some frozen raspberries and blend until smooth in a blender. Add a little water if need to make a spoonable raspberry sauce, and sweeten with Truvia to taste.

I gave the kids the raspberry sauce with a glass of ice, a can of club soda, and a packet of Truvia to sweeten to their heart's content. (My kids like Truvia! They eat it by the packet, and think it's candy, hehe!)

After it is sweetened, add a splash of cream or half and half and stir.

Then top with whipped cream or fat free Redi Whip! Yum!

The kids had fun following a pretend activity with a real one! And I got my soda fix. :) Just be careful if you drink with a straw - the raspberry seeds sink to the bottom and you are likely to get a mouthful of seeds if you drink from the very bottom.