Let's Click: Malachi is 9

February 18th:

These two kids playing cars with Bo...

because I love that they want to be involved in his school.

February 19th:

This girl doing her reading and math...

because I am getting better about doing these subjects daily.

February 20th:

This screenshot...

(of my blog)

because my new design is sunny and cheerful.

because no matter how much I try to go for a more grown up look, I revert back to bright and colorful.

because I need sunshine in my life.

February 21st:

These food pics from Malachi's {Minecraft} birthday...

Minecraft Rice Crispy Treats from Nerdy Nummies

because this was the heart of his "Minecraft" birthday.

And these pics of the birthday boy...

because he wasn't feeling well, but didn't want me to know so he put a smile on for me.  Poor guy ended up with the flu and was sick in bed the whole day on his birthday.

I forgot to wrap and give him one of his presents - roller blades, so he opened them the day after his birthday. I also got him a class from Minecraft Homeschool called Castles and Canons.


This teenage boy helping his little brother transform his new toy...

because I love that he taking time to help him, and that he let me take {and post} his picture.

February 22nd:

Today was Malachi's 9th birthday. I got a pic of him curled up in bed, sick. Poor guy was sick all day and didn't even get to eat his birthday dinner of lasagna or even a bite of his birthday cake that we saved for today.

So, another round of sickness in our home, and that's no surprise because it's February!