Let's Click: Laundry, Lovie, & Life

February 2nd: A happy Elli when she found her Lovie - her beloved stuffed rabbit that Bo had safely put in his Woo-woo backpack. You can see how upset she was and had been about to cry from having lost it.

Luke doing laundry. :D And now, you know why my boys wear shorts in the winter. And yes, he goes out in the snow and the cold in shorts. Crazy!

February 3rd: I bought an unsweetened chocolate bar to make Pearl's Icing for Cake (Trim Healthy Mama, p. 386) to ice Pearl's Mini Chocolate Cakes for Purist (p.382). (Which were so good with the icing on them). But, poor Bo didn't believe me that the chocolate bar was not good to eat. He took one bite and put on his game face for about 10 seconds and then spit it out and said, "Yuck." haha! He did that when he younger, but with cocoa powder.

Malachi working on his All About Reading. Notice the sunshine! Dreaming and hoping for more of that sunshine as it's been bitter cold (-23 degrees) here and the sunshine we do get is deceiving ~ it's still very cold outside.

February 4th: So, after sharing how my husband does the laundry so I can blog, I'm now doing the laundry so he can study (he's taking an almost full load of college courses on top of a full time job). There's just no time anymore! I read some tips in our Sonlight P3/4 guide today (the housekeeping tips are great and I'm hoping they will inspire me). But, now when people ask me how I do it, I can say, I don't! haha! . . . at least not today!

I brought a load of whites downstairs and put it on the couch with Elli's math book so I could fold them while she does her math problems.

Luke did decide to drop Pre-Calc Algebra. It was just too hard and taking too much time. He also dropped his English II class before that.  He is now taking Earth Science and International Business for a total of 7 credits. Part time courses should be much easier. He is still so busy with classes, work, and noon-ball, but this should be much more doable (shh, until soccer season starts!). It will take him longer to get his Business degree, but it will be easier on all of us.

February 5th: A sensory activity with Bo for We're Going on a Bear Hunt. He doesn't really like to get his hands messy, so it is good for us to do these kinds of activities. He WILL get his hands messy, he just doesn't like to.

February 6th: Dylan made homemade Twinkies the night before and tempted me with one. I used my finger to taste the cream center, but wouldn't take a bite. Not yet. :)

We did a sensory snack with pudding for our row and Bo did the same, haha! He wouldn't take a bite either. He said the pudding looked like poop, silly boy.

I couldn't have the pudding, so I put one of my Mini Chocolate Cakes for Purist in a bear cup and put fat free Redi Whip on top. While I am more of a purist when it comes to food, I decided that while I am in weight loss mode, I would budge a little. :D I still prefer real whipped cream with Truvia over the Redi Whip, but the convenience factor is wonderful!

Working on All About Reading Lesson 36 with Elli.

Matching Mittens Rhyme

Fluency Practice Sheets...

Which are always the hardest part for her - note the scrunched eyes - her classic look of deep thinking, but she is reading them much more fluently and moving through them more quickly.

It has taken us almost 2 years to get through All About Reading Level 1. Eliana just really needed some time to mature with this level but we are happily plugging along and finished lesson 36 this morning!

She is smiling at her 5 year old coloring on the progress chart. She's like, "Wow, I really tried hard on this." :)

Luke and I went on a lunch date today to the House of Yros. I had a Greek Gryo Salad, and he had the Gryo Plate. It was good, but not as good as the Greek Salad at When In Rome. But still a wonderful lunch with Luke!

My drink of the week: I discovered Zevia.

I first bought the Ginger Root Beer, but have since tried the Cream Soda (which I love with a splash of half and half and whipped cream on top - tasted just like an Italian Cream Soda), and Ginger Ale because they were on sale at Safeway. It's nice to know I have a healthy Ginger Ale option for when tummy sickness hits because I always feel so conflicted giving my kids sugar when they are sick.  And, I'd love to get the Zevia Fruity Pack on special occasions (like for the Spring Holy Days coming up!). :) It's all natural, low glycemic (no sugar), and tastes good. In fact, my boys will drink it (so I have to hide them!). ;-)

We also started reviewing Spelling You See ~ a new spelling program. (I know!)

February 7th: I forgot to take a picture, but I had my body composition analysis done today at the Y. Besides, the fact that I am sore from all the pinching and calipering, I'm a little sore from the results. But, now I have a baseline to compare to when I lose it all. :) So excited to be on this Trim Healthy Mama journey! And I am daily encouraged by the testimonies on the groups I am on. I am setting my goal at 25 pounds (that's 10 more than my original goal, but I'm feeling confident). That will put me at the low end of my ideal weight for my height. I would be happy with 15 pounds, as that is what I weighed when I met and married Luke, before my last 3 kiddos.

February 8th: After my Bible reading this morning, I read another chapter in Trim Healthy Mama. I'm on Chapter 5 now. I see myself in all of the profiles at one time or another in my life, but I am closest to Farm Fresh Tess and Whole Grain Jane. Wow, what an eye opener this book is!

Elli took two pictures. She and Bo were "playing school." I love that she not only took some great photos, but she got up close to capture some detail (which I like), but she also must have gotten up on a chair for a different perspective. Yes, I climb up on chairs to take pictures, hehe!