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Malachi's Science Party

For Malachi's 8th birthday last year, he asked for a Science Party. We were sick again this time of year (as we are almost every year come February), so his birthday was spread out over several days. We usually only have family parties, so we were easily able to do this.

Decontamination Zone

I hung lime green and sherbet orange balloons above a set of lime green streamers for the "decontamination zone." I hung a sign for a hand-washing experiment to "decontaminate" with, but we didn't get to the experiment.

Food & Drink

DNA Double Helix Spiral Pasta Salad

Fruit Molecules and Building Blocks {Graham Crackers}

This idea came from Malachi's desire to make a Graham Cracker Cake. I didn't really understand what he was asking for, so I asked him to tell me the ingredients. He wanted graham crackers, fruit and frosting, so I had to be creative to tie this into a science theme. You'll see their creations below.


Dr. Malachi's Orange Bubbly
{Orange punch with dry ice}

This was a first for them and they loved it!

I marked plastic cups with measurement lines for "beakers" to drink out of.

The Birthday Boy

Their Creations

Elli's Molecular Creation

Malachi's creation... It wasn't quite what he envisioned - he wanted it to be about 8 inches high. Bless his heart - his "graham cracker cake." ♥

Science Experiments

We made Elephant Toothpaste and Glitter Glue Slime.

Elephant Toothpaste

Experimenting with 3% and 6% H2O2 to see which, when the catalyst is added, will produce oxygen bubbles the quickest from the breakdown of the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Fun!

(We used this Extreme Secret Formula Lab Kit).

Another one with a bigger bottle and 6% H2O2, that I purchased separately.

6% H2O2 was slower to react because the mixture was so thick (cream developer from a hair lightener kit), but it lasted longer and made more foam. Probably needs a stronger catalyst (we used yeast).

Glitter Glue Slime

We used clear glue, glitter glue, and food coloring to make several different slimes.

More Food

We had Taco Cups for dinner...

And at Malachi's request: a key lime pie.

I'm thankful that despite sickness and other trials, we were still able to celebrate Malachi in a fun way. 

Tomorrow, he turns nine. Sniff, sniff. It's all going so fast. I'll share what we did for his 9th in my Let's Click post for this week.