Let's Click: Weather and Road Trips

February 9th: Cloud Dough Pretend Play followed by {Trim & Healthy} Raspberry Italian Cream Sodas.

We had a lot of snow this week, which was perfect for our row of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. I tried to capture the beauty of a "swirling, whirling snowstorm."

February 10th and 11th: I was down with the flu the first day, and recovering the 2nd.  I read to the kids and went to bed early the first night, and stayed up way too late the 2nd night (ahem, blogging).

I was hungry, but nothing really sounded good, other than toast, and I didn't have any "plan approved" bread. But, Luke picked some up on his way home.  I haven't had any bread in over three weeks and I really liked the Ezekiel bread! I probably wouldn't have before, but my tastes are changing and it, along with a Ginger Ale Zevia, hit the spot.

February 12th: It is the middle of the week, and we are late starting on a new preschool unit. We are on Unit 3.

February 13th: Homeschool Snapshots...

Astronomy Lesson 2: The Sun {continued} with Notebooking & Questions.  (We read, did narration, and made a Sun Collage yesterday.)

Elli wrote: "The sun is every color." I love that she drew a sun with a rainbow of colors to illustrate what she learned.

I really loved this lesson, not only because I love {and need} sunlight, but because it mentioned that we will not have a need for the sun because God will be the source of light in the coming Kingdom. All I could think was how wonderful His light will be.

All About Spelling Level 1 with Elli. I will be sharing a detailed post soon sharing how AAS helps me as a teacher.

A new book I'm reading: Hands Free Mama: A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the To-Do List, and Letting Go of Perfection to Grasp What Really Matters!

The title really hits home with me not only because of my desire to let go of perfectionbut more so my desire to grasp what really matters. I think it will be a good read.

February 14th: Road trip to Montana, ZooMontana, Natural Grocers, and Costco.

On the way, we listened to Mystery of History 2, Disc 1, Lessons 1-7: Pentecost & the Followers of Jesus, Saul, Paul's Missionary Journeys, Nero, Martyrs of the Early Church, Josephus and Masada - 75 minutes total. I brought Story of the World 2, but we didn't make it that far - MOH has more ground to cover before we hit the Middle Ages. We won't catch up until Disc 3.

We went for a winter nature walk through ZooMontana. We were "going on a bear hunt."  We saw wolves, a tiger, Big Horn Mountain sheep, otters, geese, ducks, bald eagles, red panda bears (so cute!) and more. But, we didn't see the grizzly or black bears.

We shopped at Natural Grocers where I stocked up on shampoo and conditioner that was on sale, soap bars and bath wash, and I got a few other goodies: sweetener, Vitamin C, D3, & Methyl B12,  Natural Calm, "boo-boo" cream, toothpaste, treats for the kids, gum, mints, lunch for me (hard boil eggs and turkey slices). Ooo, and I found natural food color!

Then we made a Costco run. I stocked up on Annie's Mac and Cheese for the kids - easy lunch for them, means I can make myself something "trim and healthy." I got applesauce, Truvia, quinoa, olive oil, coconut flour, almond flour, half and half, whipping cream, chicken sausage, cod, salmon, chicken, cheese, fruits and veggies, laundry and dish soap, 3 pairs of running shoes, and more. Luke took this cart, checked out, loaded it in the suburban, and came back for a second cart I was filling.  I was so proud of myself for resisting the chocolate covered almonds (and other goodies) by the checkout - I almost always get myself a treat. But, I had Mini Chocolate Cakes in the car. :)

And I ran into my sister! and her daughter-in-law, and her baby girl. So happy I ran into them! We are usually so tired from shopping that we go right home, but they invited us to dinner, and we had a wonderful time. {Thanks, Sis!}

February 15th: We had a nice dinner of baked cod and quinoa & brown rice. I saw the homemade recipe at Whispered Abundance and though it looked so pretty, so I was excited when I saw this from Seeds of Change. It was really easy - just heat and eat! Perfect for a Sabbath day.

Well, for being sick and not feeling well half the week, we at least had a productive end to our week to make up for it. And the weather is warming up. We had sunshine today and I heard water dripping, so a little more snow melted today! And thankfully, everyone is feeling well by the end of the week.

Well, spoke too soon... it's snowing big fluffy snowflakes as I type!