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Preschool with Bo {Curriculum and Plans}

I'm ready to share my preschool plans for Bo! I've only had our curriculum planned, purchased, and ready to go since last spring (I've had my eye on this for quite a few years! thanks to Our Family for His Glory), but I wasn't sure if Bo was ready, and wanted to get a few weeks in under my belt to make sure what I selected will work for us both, and so far it is working wonderfully!

~Boaz is currently 3 years, 2 months~

I have more than I need to get us through one or two years of preschool. And I have everything printed, filed, and ready to go!

Little Hands to Heaven is the heart of my preschool plans, along with Sonlight Core P3/4.

For Little Hands, I am using Big Thoughts for Little People, A Child's First Bible, and The Singing Bible. (Affiliate links to Amazon).  What's nice about Little Hands to Heaven is that these are the only books I need for Bo's age.

I'm also using My First Hands-On Bible. This is really a cute and fun Bible! It has lots of hands on activities to do throughout each Bible story, and every story makes a connection to Jesus.

It also replaces the Bible in Core P3/4, The Family Time Bible, which originally came with Core P4/5.

And, here is the line up of fabulous children's books from Sonlight Core P 3/4. Please note that other than The Tall Book of Nursery Tales, we are not doing the "fairy tale" books from this core - just all the fun fiction books! There's just so many classics and fun books in this core, that I really want them to be a part of Bo's preschool experience.

Not all of the books I have for this core are pictured. And here are two more that I added: The Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare  and Guess How Much I Love You All Year Round.

And finally, I have Before Five in a Row! Would you believe these books, the same ones I used to row with Mali and Elli, have been around the world and back?! I loaned them to a missionary family in Laos and was happy to have them back just in time to use with Bo for preschool!

I'm not in a hurry to get through B4FIAR. (I have a tendency to do too much, and I don't want to burn out). And I have not started planning all of our rows yet. I do hope to share what (and how!) I plan when I can.  (Hopefully soon!)

I'm also using Animal ABC's. So far, I have been using them in lieu of the alphabet activities in Little Hands (for example, instead of glueing cereal to the letter A, we glued alligators to a letter A.)

Are you wondering how I am going to fit all this in? Me too!

Here is what I am thinking:

Little Hands to Heaven {30 minutes a day}
Sonlight Core P3/4 {20 minutes a day}
Animal ABC's {10 minutes a day}

That's only one hour a day, and I am not doing all of the Animal ABC pack yet, so it is easy to add in the letter craft to Little Hands. So far, I have been doing Little Hands and Animal ABCs in the morning, and I read Sonlight books to Bo in the afternoon or at bedtime.

I'm planning to do Before Five in a Row every 6th week or as I am inspired.

In fact, I have been thinking about trying a Sabbath School approach to schooling Bo - 6 weeks on, 1 week off.

Here's what I am thinking, for example:

  • 1st week: Letter Aa,  Adam and Eve {LHTH}, Alligators, Ants {Animal ABCs}

  • 2nd week: Letter Bb, Noah's Ark {LHTH}, Bears, Butterflies {Animal ABCs}

  • 3rd week: Letter Cc

  • 4th week: Letter Dd

  • 5th week: Review Week {Review letters A-D}

  • 6th week: Rowing Week

  • 7th week: Break Week

I have already challenged this schedule, as we rowed a book after our 2nd week. And if I had had My Blue Boat (an OOP book that I can't get through interlibrary loan), I would have wanted to row it, too. So, that's why I added every 6th week, or as inspired.

We are on our 5th week of preschool, and Unit 4 in Little Hands (and we took a sick week already), so I will just bump everything up a week.

Update 4/7/14: I am planning to slow down and take two weeks per letter. I will do HOD one week, and Animal ABC's, Sonlight and/or Before Five in a Row the next.

Update: We dropped LHTH over the summer, finished reading the Bible story books, and continued on with Before Five in a Row for preschool. :)

My heart is to make memories and inspire a love of learning through books, songs and music, pretend play, arts and crafts, sensory play, and more. I think having the materials I have will not only make it enjoyable for Bo, but easy on me, and enjoyable for me, too!

About Blogging Bo's Preschool

I'm am not photographing everything we do, because there is a lot of movement and interaction in Little Hands - it's really hard to photograph! We do a lot of role play or pretend play, singing, dancing, and more. I'm doing my best, but I put the camera down a LOT more now, especially when my little one says, "tome dance uh me!" How could I say no?!  But, I do have quite a bit already to share and hope to start sharing soon before I get too far ahead of myself. :D