Let's Click: Good Food, Sunshine, Feeling Better

January 26th-28th: All preschool pics that I will share in another post. (I was sick, too, so didn't feel like doing (or photographing) much.

January 29th: After being sick, and with nothing tasting good for the past 2 days, I was HUNGRY! Dylan made me "Mini Chocolate Cakes for Purist" from the book Trim Healthy Mama, and I served them with whipped cream and fruit. YUM!

It was so good. Hard to believe these cakes are slimming! (No sugar or flour!)

Elli likes my "diet" food, too. And you can see the Piggy Paint nail polish wearing off from when she painted her nails this week.

Later that day, I made Kale Quinoa patties. They were so good, but not slimming. A crossover, maybe? If I had baked them, they would have been on plan (I think).  But, I fried them in olive oil.

I used 2 1/2 c. quinoa, 2 eggs, a big handful of sautéed kale, mozzarella cheese, garlic salt, and pepper. And they were so good.  {My sister posted the recipe on her Facebook. Thanks, Liz!}

January 30th: Blocks with Bo for Preschool Week 2. Is anyone missing my Bo posts yet?!

And Bo with his, "Woo-woo" backpack. He puts anything beloved in it. Today, Elli was almost in tears because she couldn't find her beloved stuffed rabbit, and as a last resort, I said, "Have you asked Bo if he knows where it could be?" and she did and he knew right where it was - in his "Woo-woo backpack." She was so happy, she about cried the tears she was holding back, and almost cried happy tears. :'-) I took a pic, but don't want to forget this story.

January 31st: Another peek at Preschool with Bo.

Lately Bo has been saying,  "I don't know where it be."  That's a 6 word sentence! I love hearing him say it, so I randomly ask where things are, just to hear him say it. :D Today (Sunday), he said banana - a three syllable word! I had to break into syllables to teach him the word, but he did it.

He is remembering so much from Tot School. He knows many letters and sounds, though with a few, he can say the sound and/or the name, but not always both, and he confuses n and u. I pulled out some flashcards that I made for preschool, and he started telling me them on his own. I'm so proud of you, Bo!

February 1st: I am out of Ginger Aid tea (my herbal substitute for the Oolong tea), so no Shrinker this week.  I've been drinking Iced Passion Tea, sweetened with Truvia, and a little lemon, instead. I took this pic in the front window because both the ground was covered with snow and it was sunny.

And alas, I am feeling better! I had a good 3 days of sneezing, runny nose, and sore throat, and I am feeling much better now.