November {First Day}

My day:

  • Wake up on couch

  • Check weather

  • Check email

  • Read email from Doorposts ~ Day 1 of the Busy Mom Bible Study on Psalm 103

  • Read Psalm 103

  • Make breakfast (Herbal coffee and Peanut Butter Whip for me, Cinnamon Rolls for everyone else)

  • Brush teeth

  • Take vitamins

  • Check on Bo who is still sleeping (in my bed, which is why I slept on the couch)

  • Shower

  • Remember Progesterone cream

  • Oil up

  • Get dressed for church

  • Pack lunch for the road

  • Make GGMS

  • Pack day bag

  • Have a heart to heart with a struggling teen

  • Have a good cry to God while hiding in the pantry

  • Drive to Montana (that's Peace & Calming on a cotton ball in the air vent!)

  • Go to church

  • Have fellowship dinner after church

  • Linger to visit in the hall and get offered a hotel room by a friend of Luke's that double booked a room at two hotels and couldn't cancel, so offered it to us. (Which was really wonderful because driving at night is hard on me and I was tired.)

  • Stay the night (Jordan and Nathan stayed at their dad's house.)

  • Check email

  • Get kids ready for bed while Luke goes to the store for toothpaste, toothbrushes and contact solution

  • Watch a movie with the kids and turn in early!