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First Day {November}

My day:

  • Wake up on couch

  • Check weather

  • Check email

  • Read email from Doorposts ~ Day 1 of the Busy Mom Bible Study on Psalm 103

  • Read Psalm 103

  • Make breakfast (Herbal coffee and Peanut Butter Whip for me, Cinnamon Rolls for everyone else)

  • Brush teeth

  • Take vitamins

  • Check on Bo who is still sleeping (in my bed, which is why I slept on the couch)

  • Shower

  • Remember Progesterone cream

  • Oil up

  • Get dressed for church

  • Pack lunch for the road

  • Make GGMS

  • Pack day bag

  • Have a heart to heart with a struggling teen

  • Have a good cry to God while hiding in the pantry

  • Drive to Montana (that's Peace & Calming on a cotton ball in the air vent!)

  • Go to church

  • Have fellowship dinner after church

  • Linger to visit in the hall and get offered a hotel room by a friend of Luke's that double booked a room at two hotels and couldn't cancel, so offered it to us. (Which was really wonderful because driving at night is hard on me and I was tired.)

  • Stay the night (Jordan and Nathan stayed at their dad's house.)

  • Check email

  • Get kids ready for bed while Luke goes to the store for toothpaste, toothbrushes and contact solution

  • Watch a movie with the kids and turn in early!


  1. What a beautiful day, I hope it is the beginning of a month full of them for you!

  2. Look at that cute purse! ;) Love the line up of oils also!

  3. Okay, being nosey, Prenatals and Progesterone cream? Any particular reason for using those right now? (I take prenatals year round in case I become pregnant but I've only heard a little about progesterone cream.... )

  4. Oh, and looks like a nice start to November!

  5. I take the prenatals just in case! They are a great multi-vitamin, too. :) I have my eye on another multi for women that I think will be good, too, considering I take folate in addition. I take the cream for balance (too much estrogen and not enough progesterone) and to lengthen my luteal phase.

  6. I know! Isn't it cute! Can't wait for the wallet to match it! :)

  7. All day I tried to focus on the good. I sometimes have to do that more days than I'd like, but focusing on the good helps. :) Thank you!

  8. What a nice offer of a hotel room. The day looks wonderful.
    Blessings, Dawn

  9. What a fun post :) I need to do this sometime! You are such a great photographer <3

  10. I love all your pictures and your day! What handsome young men you have! Blessed!!
    And SO happy for the hotel room! Hotel rooms are always so much fun!

  11. Thank you! I'd love to see you do a first day post! I'd especially love a peek into your daily oily routine, hint hint, wink wink! ;-)