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The Penguin Pack from All About Learning Press {December Promo}

The Penguin Pack is a fun little packet of reading and spelling activities that spans all levels of reading and spelling. This pack (valued at $12.95) is FREE with any order $25 or more during the month of December, while supplies last. 

Each activity has suggestions on how to use them, and I found several fun ways to use them with my pre-reader up to my Level 4 reader. 

Penguin ABCs

Eliana, my Level 2 reader, helped Bo, my pre-reader, put all the ABCs in alphabetical order. Then she sang the Alphabet Song with him as she pointed to each letter. 

Then she had Bo spell his name. 

Both uppercase and lowercase letters are included in this set. 

Rhyming Penguins

In this activity, Eliana matched up rhyming words. 

Bo really wanted to play, so I had her play "Get out of the sled" with him. This game is based on the "Get out of the wagon" game from All About Reading Pre-Reading. In the original game, I put three word pictures in a wagon and Bo has to chose the one that doesn't rhyme. He then tells that picture card to "get out of the wagon!" In this game, she read the words to him, and he listened for the two that rhymed and told the one that didn't belong to "Get out of the sled!" This was really great for reinforcing rhyming concepts from Pre-reading and Bo loved to be included!

Penguin Word Search

The Penguin Word Search was a fun way to practice reading and spelling skills. Eliana whipped out level 1 for a review and Malachi, my Level 4 reader, did Levels 3 and 4 and asked if he could do the others as well. He loves word searches and loved the challenge of working above his level. 

Penguin Picture Books

This is a list of Marie's favorite penguin books. They are a collection of very cute and fun books about penguins. We found three of the five books from the list at our local library and snuggled up to read them on a very cold and snowy day!

Fun Penguin Facts

This is an 18 page mini book with facts on 16 different penguin species. I had Malachi read this aloud to us for more reading practice!

Positively Penguin Lunch

I didn't have all the ingredients on hand to make this, but the kids begged me to buy olives to make the penguin crackers. It's such a cute little lunch that is sure to warm you up!

Playful Penguin Stickers

With all the attention the older kids were getting, Bo was sure pleased when I pulled out the penguin stickers! It was the perfect way to end our penguin fun and left him a very happy little boy who was even more excited to do "his" reading. 

The activities from The Penguin Pack were fun and just what we needed to get us back into our reading and spelling groove after taking some time off. If you plan on taking a break from regular schooling this month, The Penguin Pack is sure to help you get back on track! If not, The Penguin Pack would be a perfect way to take a break and have some penguin fun!

Read more about The Penguin Pack on the All About Learning Press Blog and visit the All About Learning Press site to order (affiliate link). Have fun! 


  1. Oh and we too have Flight School from the library this week:) It is a repeat visitor!