First Day {December}

Our First Day today was nothing special, except that I was up and out of bed! (I had an emergency extraction last Wed. and it is taking me a long time to recover!). I missed Thanksgiving and felt a little sorry for myself despite my efforts not to ~ probably because I spent too much time scrolling through my Facebook, blog and IG feed and saw all the wonderful tables and food enjoyed by others.

I think we had a productive day school wise. 

I'll start by sharing a little of my essential oil/supplement routine ~ feel free to skip to the homeschool part below if this part doesn't interest you. :) I always have a more productive day when I oil up, so it's a part of my story today. If you want to learn more, click here to learn about our essential oils classes!

I put EndoFlex and En-R-Gee on my feet over my adrenal and thyroid vita-flex points and Eucaluptus radiata over my vita-flex point for my eyes (2nd and 3rd toe). Then I put my socks on to keep my feet warm. 

I blend Eucalyptus radiata, Lemongrass, and Frankincense with a carrier oil (olive oil) and this goes around my eyes. In the evenings, I put Frankincense in my palm and rub with three fingers then cup both over my eye for a minute, but I never put oils in my eye. These are hot oils, so I sometimes need a little extra olive oil.

These go over my adrenals and thyroid and on my neck. 

I am also taking supplements for my thyroid/adrenal health ~ raw glandulars and L-theanine. The tumeric/bromelain is for inflammation (my eye). I am out of my multi-vitamin, and the Active B12 is optimized folate for mental and emotional stability (I also use frankincense and other oils for that), healthy energy levels, and in case I get pregnant. I take Vitamin D year round, but especially in the winter. It's my #1 preventative measure for not getting sick. #2 is Thieves (in case you were wondering). 

I had a reader ask me where I get the information on the vitamins I take. I've been thinking about how to answer that question since I am not a doctor. I cannot diagnose, treat, or cure anyone... but myself. So when I have a problem, I research. I have several reference guides and a nutritional healing book that I use a lot. And I pray.

I am also trying very hard to get MORE SLEEP! and eat healthy.

So, the crazy thing is, the tooth that I suspect was the cause of my health decline (email me if you want the whole story) has been flaring up over the past three months. I took Thieves to keep it from getting infected, but it hurt so bad last week that I couldn't sleep at all because I had to suck on ice chips every few minutes to keep it tolerable, and when that stopped working I woke my husband up at 4am to take me to the emergency room, fearing the pain that was to come. Well, as soon as we got up there, it stopped hurting as bad (Praise God!). So, I had him take me to get some juice and then we went home. I slept for an hour sitting upright to keep the pressure down, but woke with a migraine and couldn't stop throwing up (nausea from pain pills, I suspect - that didn't work.)

Long story short, I got in for an emergency extraction and when the dentist x-rayed my teeth, there was no sign of infection. I was still throwing up at this point - dry heaves and bile, yuck, in the office. He had Luke go get me some anti-nausea pills and then numbed me up to extract the tooth at my request. He said it was likely flaring up because the filling I had to replace my amalgams was close to the nerve ~ I think he was a bit surprised that it was not abscessing. I remember the dentist telling me back then that the filling was deep and may not work, but I was willing to take the chance to not have a root canal (which I won't because of the evidence of Dr. Weston Price ~ that root canals damage your health). So, that is why I missed Thanksgiving and tried not to feel sorry for myself, though I was unsuccessful. That and I pulled a muscle in my back to boot. ha!

So, these oils have kept me company this past week~

for discomfort in my jaw (since I am out of PanAway). 

and to boost my immune system.

Homeschool Part of our Day 

While I was doing all the above, Malachi was doing his Veritas Press History.

Eliana was playing Squinkies, and I think Bo was packing his sleeping bag and clothes for a sleepover in the living room. 

I gave Bo his oils ~ 

and made poached eggs. 

Then I cleared off the table where we school to get ready for our day. 

And then tended to some work online while Malachi did his independent work and Elli and Bo played. The Crew forum was back up today - and busy, and my phone was going crazy with all of the Cyber Monday deals coming through my email. I also had messages needing my attention. Busy!

Malachi was ready to do his Teaching Textbooks by the time I was done ~ 

By the way, I switched Malachi's to TT. 

He's doing really well with it ~ it's easy for him, so I have him double up on the lessons now.

Elli is plugging along nicely in Math Lessons for a Living Education 2. She did addition with carrying last week, and subtraction with borrowing today. She does a whole week in one sitting, and the lessons go really well. I thought about starting her on TT 3 when we are done, but she really likes Math Lessons. If I do, I will have her finish ML 2 and start TT in the spring, so she can do TT4 for 3rd grade.

For math fact practice, I am making her Quizlets. She mastered doubles and was really excited that she could get 18-9 so quick! She is now working on the first set of math facts. The Quizlet is a fun way to practice facts and I like that I can tailor them to her Math Lessons. 

For lunch, I had a leftover homemade tamale that a friend made and brought over to us last night. Luke and the kids had chicken nuggets.  

I've been working on little oily welcome gifts for new members. I put this one in a basket to display for a home class I'm planning. Today, I boxed up one to send to a new member of my team. I include the Primary Usage Guide, a roll-on bottle, empty v-caps, 1/4 dram sample bottles, a dropper bottle, a spray bottle and epsom salts for an oily bath. It's just a fun welcome gift to help members I sign up get started using their oils. 

While I was doing this, I let the kids watch Annie on the iPad (Amazon Prime). During the singing parts, Bo got up to play. :) 

I graded Malachi's science ~ which is new as well. I added in Lifepac Science because I didn't feel like we were getting enough science in with FIAR. 

He does it all on his own ~ I do have to grade it and check off that he does certain things. I really wanted a science that covered all the main subjects in one year, and that he could do independently for the most part. I love that it includes experiments and independent research, and that it has tests. 

Malachi completed the grammar folder he started last week for Write Shop ~ all about nouns. 

I'm still using My Student Logbook

I avoided these all day until Bo came up to give me a hug and slapped both of my cheeks before giving me a kiss. I pulled them out debating whether I could hold out... guess not. But, I hate taking them.

Since I started using essential oils daily, I crave water more. I love it with citrus oils ~ lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit. I can't wait to try Citrus Fresh! My auto-ship order goes through today and it is in my cart. 

I started reading a book to Bo, but he lost interest (The Donut Story from Homer Price ~ a bit too long for him). He wanted to do the next letter in his Pre-reading program ~ Letter L. 

He didn't really get the sentence length activity, so I will have to come back to that later. But, I do catch him singing his ABCs to himself often ~ so sweet! He is still learning the song, but knows all of the letters and most of the sounds. 

I did Lessons 11, 12 and 13 today in All About Reading Level 4 with Malachi. We are not as far as I'd like to be due to time off, but the lessons are really easy for him so I'm doubling up to get caught up. 

We are not rowing a book this week, and I was missing Sonlight today. I could pull a chapter book off the shelf, but working through the schedule was motivating for me. I miss all the reading and snuggling we did. I wouldn't have been able to read much anyways, today, but I think I should go get a book on audio from the library for the rest of the week.

Hope you had a wonderful Monday!


  1. Glad you are feeling better minus the tooth! Looks like Dec. is off to a great start:) The Thanksgiving Break was much needed here.

  2. Wow! This was a wonderful post. Sometimes I forget just how much we as homeschool moms accomplish in one day. I'm going to have to read this again. You have some health ideas I'd like to incorporate. I definitely need to get a good Vitamin D supplement, and I'm sure yours is a good one :) I have been using a LOT of oils this past week. Trying to stay well this time of year takes diligence for sure!

  3. MudPuddleSoup.blogspot.comDecember 3, 2014 at 12:00 AM

    I'm so sorry that you have been struggling with health issue. I can relate and continue to pray for wisdom and knowledge in this area. ((hugs)) on missing Thanksgiving.

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry about your tooth! I'm amazed at how much you could get done in a day with all of that going on. I think I would have just sat on the couch in my pajamas feeling sorry for myself. :) Sometime soon when we both have a little more energy we'll have to talk about oils. Feel better!

  5. Hi there, I absolutely love the Build a Rainbow Felt bag!! I will be making several of these for our preschool Sunday School!!

    I'm also wondering how your sons's teeth are doing now? I'll be searching for some more posts, but if you could point me in the right direction (or give an update here if you haven't blogged about it yet), I'd really appreciate it!

    Lisa V in BC

  6. Fay, I know I have your email somewhere but it's not popping up for me. Please send it to me! or reply to :) Sounds awful and maybe like my worst day or two of my experience! It was traumatic, but horrific might be a better word to describe it as it ranked up there with one of the worst days of my life. I have some ideas for you when you email back about your energy levels. Hope after 3 weeks you are recovering! I am at the one week mark and I am still in pain, not thinking I would still be! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

  7. Hi!!! My addy is Traumatic, horrific, gruesome, stressful!!! Yup, not fun. Our poor teeth!

  8. So sorry to hear about your painful tooth Michelle. I'm with you on the root canal & Dr. Price. I have a cavity right now (actually it's been there for a few years now), but keep doing the tooth pulling as I'm not too excited about the local dentists. You made me laugh when you told about Bo's slap kiss, you poor dear. I have the Green Pasture Butter Oil/FCLO Cinnamon Tingle too. How do you get Bo to take it?? I use it too, but to tell you the truth, it reminds me of ear wax and I have to talk myself into not gaging, haha. School is looking fun, even without all the Sonlight books. Take care Dear!

  9. He likes the FCLO now! At first, I plopped it in his mouth and gave him something to swallow it down with. Now he likes it and takes it by itself. I put it in my mouth, let it soften and then swallow with water. I don't like it as much either! haha!

  10. I'm still hurting, boo! I am getting better though. I'm hopeful that in another week I will start forgetting about it. I did have plenty of pajama days - even some days that I didn't even make it to the couch and stayed in bed all day! And I'd love to talk oils! :)

  11. Thank you for your prayers! I'm starting to heal and my heart is getting over it. I keep thinking I should do something fancy and fun to make up for it, but still haven't felt like doing anything. Soon, I will, I'm sure! :)