Snake Oil - Party Potion {An Out of the Box Games Review}

Out of the Box Games Review

Out of the Box Games has a new zany game called Snake Oil – Party Potion. This fun game has brought lots of giggles to our house lately and has inspired some creative and often crazy "snake oil" salesman antics!

Out of the Box Games Review
In this card game, you choose one player to be the "customer" and the other players combine two cards from their hand to create a fictional product to "sell" to the Customer.

Just choosing their two cards to create a product brought lots of giggles and smiles.

Then they had to sell their product and convince the Customer that they need their product.

When it is your turn to be the Customer, you have the difficult task of choosing the best product to meet your need, based on what type of Customer card you drew. The Customer cards vary from Astronaut to Toddler.

Playing with the younger kids was a lot of fun. They were smart customers and picked products that actually matched their Customer card.

Be prepared for some silly products to come up! One that had my daughter rolling in hysterics was the "Butt Trumpet." She is selling a "Butt Trumpet" to her Customer ~ a Toddler.

Every toddler needs a "Butt Trumpet" right? :) Love her giggles! And this: "I'm sure you'll love it - but not most people."

Malachi had fun coming up with different voices for his salesman antics. He presents and wins with the "Torpedo Sponge." This is the opposite of a sponge in that when you shoot it, it repels water away from a drowning victim, and no lifeguard should be without one! ;)

This game is great not only for creativity, but also for improving communication skills!

Playing with the older boys was fun, but not quite as much fun. You could have a really great product and pitch the perfect speech to sell it, and they would pick the silliest answer regardless, even if it didn't relate to their Customer card. The player with the most Customer cards wins the game, so this was not as fun for the more practical members of our family! The beauty of this game is that it can be silly or practically silly, and next time I play with the older boys, I know to be silly and not practical!

Snake Oil - Party Potion is best for ages 8 and up. It can be used with those as young as 6 if they are reading. Eliana had a hard time reading some of the words on the cards, but I helped her and she did great! (She's 7). Malachi is 9 and he had no trouble at all.

My husband enjoyed playing with us as this is right up his alley! He is always performing zany skits with the kids and this game is a perfect fuse for his creativity and silliness.

There really wasn't anything I did not like about this game. I did remove two Word cards and two Customer cards that were not a good fit for our family. The word cards were easy to remove. The Customer cards are double sided, and the two I did not want to include in our play were on two cards, so I taped those two together.

Price: $14.99

For a fun and silly family game night, I highly recommend Snake Oil – Party Potion. There is also a Snake Oil version for ages 10 and up that other Crew mates reviewed. Be sure to click below to see their review!

Out of the Box Games Review
Perhaps my teen boys would have liked this version more? :)
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  1. Hilarious! Butt Trumpet...oh my. LOL! And I bet i removed the same cards as you did! ;) We didn't have as much success with this game as it was designed, so we created a new use for it! i was determined to make it work somehow!