Soccer Fever

Jordan playing goalie his first game of the season.
It is that time of year again. Spring is here and so is soccer. Spring soccer is the biggest sport of the year at our local YMCA.  Our boys have been practicing for several weeks now and are excited about this season.  They have had extra practices with notable soccer players from our area and even a practice with a British soccer coach from Challenger Soccer.  All I can say is, "Wow." My boys are doing kicks that not only get the ball going in the right direction, but just look too cool!  My boys love sports and it helps having a dad who is a Sports Programmer at the YMCA. This school year we have done Fall soccer, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey and now Spring soccer.  Phew! I am ready for it to be over already; but, I look forward to the nice weather and time outside- hopefully it stays nice! 
One of the things that I appreciate is that in Y Sports, no one plays the bench.  They get a lot of play time, which for us translates as P.E. :-)
For our family and friends lurking about, our spring game schedule looks like this:
Nathan and Dylan Team #61
4/22  5:00 
4/24  5:00*
4/30  5:00*
5/1     5:00*
5/7     5:00* (@ Coffeen)
5/12   4:00
5/14   5:00*
Jordan Team #68
4/24 6:00*
4/30 6:00*
5/01  6:00*
5/07  6:00* (@ Coffeen)
5/14  6:00* 
5/18 5:00 - 7:00 Round Robin
* The games with astericks are when both boys' teams play back to back.  So, if you want to see all the boys play, these are great games to catch. I thought Luke did a great job scheduling! It makes it easier on me. :-) Plus, we bumped Dylan up a grade level to play with Nathan on the 4/5 homeschool team. 
All games are at the Y, unless noted.  We play 22 and 25 minute halves.  If it is raining, be sure to check the website for cancellations.  We hope to see you on the field!