Review: Finding Educational Activities in the Most Unexpected Places

I had the opportunity to review Finding Educational Activities in the Most Unexpected Places. When I read the sub-title, "More than 200 Activities and Ideas for Using Commonly Found Objects to Enhance the Learning of Your Young Child," I knew this was one I wanted to check out!

This 58 page PDF, written by Angie @ Many Little Blessings, is full of activities that use commonly found objects, such as balloons, balls, blankets, and boxes to cotton balls, egg cartons, paper plates and sponges, along with other things you can find around the house.

When I read the sample of activities on the author's website, one in particular caught my eye:
(Dishpan): Washing Day – Give your child a dishpan of water with a very small amount of very gentle washing machine detergent (or Woolite) in it. Help them to wash some doll clothes (or other small pieces of clothing, perhaps like socks) by hand. Then, set up a string between two pieces of furniture (or outdoors) for them to have their own clothes line to dry their newly washed garments.
This activity appealed to me for several reasons: it is a homemaking skill, develops small motor skills and gives little ones a sense of accomplishment - they can do important jobs too!

According to the author, the activities in the book are designed to develop:
. . . fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, speech and social communication, social interactions, adaptive (daily living skills), cognitive skills, sensory stimulation, body awareness, spatial awareness, imagination, and many more.
Price: $7.50

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What I liked about the book:
  • quick and easy to read
  • simple easy ideas that do not require much preparation or expense
What I would have liked to see more of:
  • more pictures of the activities/ideas in use {I'm such a visual person}
  • more unique ideas - with a few exceptions, the ideas presented are basic
Angie works with families in their home as a therapist for toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities. Her aim in writing this book is to help equip families to provide enriching experiences for their young child. I think she has met her goal! Many young children are not stimulated and given early learning experiences, even through exploring with everyday objects and I think this book is a great place to begin.

In fact, I think this book is geared towards the parent who has no idea where to begin when it comes to providing these experiences or may be on a limited budget.

As a mom who provides rich learning experiences for her your young children through tot school and preschool activities on a weekly basis, I did not find it as helpful to me. I have tried all the "oldie but goodies" and need new and fresh ideas! But for the parent or caregiver that is new to giving their child the opportunity to grow and learn through hands on play, I think this is a great place to start!

Disclosure: I was given a free PDF copy of this book for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received and I offer my honest opinion.