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Play With Me ~ Pond Life {Before FI♥AR}

In Play With Me, by Marie Hall Ets, a little girl goes to a meadow to play with the animals by the pond and one by one they all hop, slither or run away from her, until she sits still and quiet - then they all come out to play.

Our B4FIAR activities this week focused on the animals from the story and pond life. We did some lap journal activities, made an edible craft, went on a nature walk to see what animals we could find to "play with" and more!

Who Am I?
In this lapbook component from HSS, I read the clues to Malachi, he picked the animal that matched, cut it out and then glued it into the matchbook. 

While he did that, Eliana put together a squirrel puzzle from the Kumon cut and paste book. 
She was having a hard time with it, so I placed 2 of the pieces and had her place the other 2. {I love her facial expressions when she is frustrated!}

I think she was tired, so I put on the Young Minds Numbers and Counting video, (which featured a frog and other animals). 

Play Dough Mats
Another day, Malachi sculpted the letter Ff (for frog) while Eliana worked on the letter Rr (for rabbit).  

Pond Field Trip

We took a trip to a local pond, hoping to see some of the animals from the book. We saw a snake and a grasshopper and caught a frog and a turtle.

Sitting quietly.
Nathan caught the frog!
Eliana loved to hold the frog . . .
and the turtle Nathan caught. . . but Malachi did not! 
Edible Craft ~ Turtle Candy
Pecans, caramel and melted chocolate. . . Turtles we can eat!
I had the kids flatten the caramel, add the feet, put another caramel on top (to keep the feet from falling off) and then I poured chocolate on top. Yum!

I loved the two-color matchup in this game which made for a little more of a challenge for her. 

Counting at the Pond:

This was a great activity for number recognition. She can easily count to ten orally, but does not know the numbers to 10 on paper. So I made this into a game for her. I called out the number first and gave her a chance to spot it by counting, then I helped her by calling out the animal on the cards and she put them in order. 

"I Like Ponds" Tot-Book:

This was a fun little book about all the animals that like ponds. . . ending with a spot for her to put her picture. 

Would You Play With Them?
I printed the animal classification cards from HSS along with the lapbook component and asked Malachi if he would want to play with each animal. He wrote yes or no under the animal and glued the animal on the paper if he would like to play with it. 

Malachi put the sequencing cards in order and pasted them.

Lap Journal/Memory Book:
Recently I started adding a color copy of the cover of the book to our lap journal ~ this gives the kids a visual memory of the book and also helps to organize the journal. It also becomes their B4 portfolio of sorts.

Narrations and Story Telling:

Each story we "row" I try to have Malachi and Eliana narrate or tell the story back to me. Malachi summarized the story and Eliana "read" the story to me.

Malachi's narration:

"A little girl found a frog. Then when she could barely touch it, it leaped away. Then she found a snake. Before she could touch it, it slithered back in its hole. Then she found a bunny in front of a tree. It was wiggling his nose on a flower. Then before she could touch it, it hopped in the woods. Then she found a turtle on its log to get some sun. Before she could touch it, it got back in the water. Then she sit on a rock and they all came back on their places. Then a baby fawn licked her on the cheek. They were playing with her! The End." ~ Malachi

Eliana telling the story:

This is a 3 minute long video. I love it because she surprised me by remembering little details from the story.

We are taking a little break from Before Five in a Row to read some Fall books and do some Fall themed activities. I love the changing seasons, so I am excited that Fall is here!

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