50's Fun {50th Day of School}

We cruised through our first 50 days of school, so we thought this would be a fun way to slow down a bit and celebrate! 

I saw this 50th day of school mini unit on The First Grade Parade last year (after we had already celebrated our 100th day of school) and knew I wanted to do it this year, but totally forgot about it until I was sewing a poodle skirt for Eliana for a 50's dance coming up. Perfect! 

Here's how we celebrated.

How to Make a Root Beer Float 

Both kids wrote or narrated directions in three parts and then made a root beer float following their own directions and then made a Do You Like Root Beer Floats graph. {Writing fulfills Sonlights LA 2 Week 10 expository writing Creative Expression assignment, "Time to Explain Yourself." Malachi's assignment was to write a brief explanation paragraph.}  

Rockin' Around the Records 

Measuring perimeter and area with Tootsie Rolls!

Fifties ABC Order

50's Compare and Contrast 

{we watched clips from family shows in the 50's to compare and contrast kids then and now}

Delicious Doubles

50th Day Math Book

Goodness Gracious ~ Greater or Less!

We also played a game called Roll a Record.

What Can You Do in 50 Seconds? 

How many bubbles, twists, bunny hops, hula hoops and more can you do in 50 seconds?! We had fun finding out and recording our results. 

Her first ever "bubble gum." 

We had burgers and fries and root beer floats for dinner and listened to a 50's music station on Pandora. We even jitterbugged in the living room. :) 

Here are a few photos at the dance. . . 

New friends we met at the Feast in MT.

My tired, little man with his hair slicked back with Pop. :) 

Good times. :) But, they do go by fast! 


  1. Do you have a template for that root beer float?

    1. The template was included with the mini unit I used from here: https://justcaracarroll.com/cloudy-and-50th-day/