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Correlating All About Reading and All About Spelling 2

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Several readers have asked me how I correlate All About Reading 2 along with All About Spelling 2  and I finally took a moment to type it up! 

Marie Rippel, author of All About Reading and All About Spelling, recommends that you teach the corresponding level of spelling after you teach the reading (not at the same time). Furthermore, All About Spelling 2 will teach more advanced concepts not covered in All About Reading 2 and not every lesson correlates. You can easily see which ones do, and that is why it makes sense to teach them together if you are teaching an older child. If you are teaching a younger child, then you may want to follow Marie's recommendation and teach them separately.

Read more about Level 2 in my review!

Here is what I did with my 8 year old:


AAR Lesson 1: Closed and Open Syllable Types
AAS Step 1: Review

AAR Lesson 2: Blends at the Beginning and End
AAS Step 2: Blends at the Beginning and End

AAR Lesson 3: Y Can Say [long] /i/
AAS Step 3: Y Can Say [long] /i/ 

AAR Lesson 4: (Read a story)

AAS Step 4: Two Closed Syllables 

AAR Lesson 5: Syllable Division Rules 1 & 2
AAS Step 5: Syllable Division Rules 1 & 2
AAR Lesson 6: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 7: Three-Letter Blends
AAR Lesson 8: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 9: Syllable Division Rule 3 (Part 1)
AAR Lesson 10: Syllable Division Rule 3 (Part 2)
AAS Step 6: Combing Open and Closed Syllables
AAR Lesson 11: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 12: The First Job of Silent E
AAS Step 7: Introduce Silent E

AAR Lesson 13: The Name Game Syllable Type
AAS Step 8: Vowel-Consonent E
AAR Lesson 14: (Read a story)

AAS Step 9:  C or K for the Sound of /k/ 

AAR Lesson 15: Long U and the Sound of S Between Two Vowels
AAS Step 10: Spelling the Sounds of [long] /u/ and /z/

AAR Lesson 16: (Read a story)
AAR Lesson 17: WH
AAR Lesson 18: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 19: Blends with Silent E
AAS Step 11: Blends with Vowel-Consonent E
AAR Lesson 20: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 21: Plural Silent E Words
AAS Step 12: Plural Vowel-Consonent E Words 
AAR Lesson 22: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 23: EE and the Vowel Team Syllable Type
AAR Lesson 24: (Read a story)
AAR Lesson 25: Contractions
AAR Lesson 26: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 27: Long I or O before Two Consonants
AAS Step 14: I or O Followed by Two Consonants
AAR Lesson 28: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 29: ER and the Bossy R Syllable Type
AAS Step 15: The /er/ of Her
AAR Lesson 30: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 31: AR
AAS Step 16: The Sound of /ar/
AAR Lesson 32: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 33: OR
AAS Step 17: The Sound of /or/
AAR Lesson 34: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 35: The Third Sound of U
AAS Step 18: Common Words and the Third Sound of U

AAR Lesson 36: Soft C and the Second Job of Silent E
AAS Step 19: Soft C
AAR Lesson 37: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 38: Soft G
AAS Step 20: Soft G
AAR Lesson 39: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 40: The Third Job of Silent E and the Fourth Sound of O
AAR Lesson 41: (Read a story)
AAR Lesson 42: ED
AAR Lesson 43: (Read a story)

AAS Step 21: Words Ending in the Sounds of /v/ and [long] /u/  (This step does not correlate with AAR.) 

AAR Lesson 44: The Third Sound of A
AAS Step 22: The Third Sound of A
AAR Lesson 45: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 46: OY and OI
AAS Step 23: Vowel Teams OY and OI
AAR Lesson 47: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 48: AW and AU
AAS Step 24: AW and AU
AAR Lesson 49: (Read a story)

AAR Lesson 50: OW and OU
AAS Step 25: Vowel Teams OW and OU
AAR Lesson 51: (Read a story)

All done!

I share an example of how this works in my review: A Day in the Life (and review!) of All About Reading Level 2.

See how I correlate Level 1 here: Correlating All About Reading 1 with All About Spelling 1.

While I'm here, how about an update?

Well, I found this picture, dated March 8, 2012, and I am guessing this is when Malachi finished both AAR and AAS 2, and Language Lessons for the Very Young.

While Malachi struggled to read the fluency sheets in level 1, he sailed through them in level 2! His confidence is booming! I said in my review that this program has made a difference for us both, and it has. In fact, I did a wide range reading test for Kindergarten to College to see how he was doing, and he tested at a 5th grade reading level! He was pretty excited about that. 

The same day, I took this photo... 6 weeks left of Core A

And this is where we left off with Sonlight LA 2. 

We did the LA for awhile, and then I dropped the writing portion and Malachi finished the LA 2 readers and we wrapped up 2nd grade!

And this was March 25th. We did it! We finished Core A! 

Eliana did half of All About Reading/All About Spelling 1 this year. Then we did Sonlight LA 1, through Explode the Code Book 1, for review. 

Then she read the Bob Books Beginning readers set 1. And that is where we called it a wrap on Kindergarten!

Then we had a 2 week spring break along with the Spring Holy Days, had a family come stay with us for a week, rowed Daniel's Duck, took some more time off, and then started read-alouds for next year to get ahead (we are already 12 weeks ahead!). I do plan to share our curriculum for next year, but might not get to it until August.

If you are wondering about the older boys, I do hope to share an update on them. I wrote a post at the beginning of May, but soon after, it was necessary for me to take a blogging break. I have no idea how I will work blogging back into my day, but I think hiring a maid is a good idea! :)