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First Week of Summer

We've started Exploring Creation with Botany and we're having fun moving at an accelerated pace. The plan is to squeeze 26 weeks of learning into 10 weeks. 

Eliana finished her All About Reading and Spelling 2. Yay! She pushed hard this week and did 2 reading and 1 spelling lessons per day (T, W, & Th).

There was a lot of excitement, and a little hint of reaching "the very last story" sadness, but she wants to wait to start Level 3 "when we start Prairie Primer" (or when we start 3rd grade). :)

We celebrate finishing a year long curriculum/book with ice cream, so we headed to the park to celebrate today!

After running late for speech this week, and deciding we'd rather shop than wait for Bo this week, Eliana and I decided to car school for Math! We now keep her math book and pencil in the car and when we make a trip to the store or elsewhere (which is at least a 10-15 minute drive and happens 2-3 times per week at least), we will do a lesson in the car! We're both excited about this and might get more math done this way. (Tomorrow we are going on a 4 hour round trip to Montana, so we'll get lots done, hehe!)

This week we rowed The ABC Bunny and celebrated our first day of "summer."

Bo said "cow!" He is in speech therapy at an awesome facility that focuses on gross motor play to teach speech and Bo's speech is developmentally on target except for the /k sound and the /g sound. His "cow" was the sweetest sound I heard that day. ♥

I took the plunge and ordered the sneakers I had my eye on. I've been riding to the park with the kids on scooters and it's so much fun! But, it would be easier with sneakers (I've been wearing Birkenstocks for 2 years now for arch support and I'm hoping these new ones will offer the support I need). I'd also like to be able to go on long walks with my husband and the kids too. We live in such a nice area for walking and we love to get out when it's nice, but I need a better shoe for walking. Excited to get them!

I'm obsessed with maxi skirts lately. I bought this one in indigo, this one in Heather Gray, this fuscia/coral tie dye and this denim tie-dye. I like either plain or tie-dye, nothing else, and I like a plain t-shirt to go with them. Normally, I am a t-shirt and jeans girl, but the maxi skirts have been so comfy and cool in warm weather. Totally loving them!

I've been back on plan this week (Trim Healthy Mama). I'm still hoping to share my one year Trimiversary (from way back in January), but I want to finish reading the book before I share. I read the first 9 chapters, jumped in, and lost 25 pounds before I read chapter 10. :) I love this lifestyle and hope to stay on plan and share soon. This week, I made my first batch of raspberry chia jam and am obsessing over having it on Mini Chocolate Cakes for Purist (p. 382) with FF Redi Whip on top.

And iced tea.

The boys have been footloose and fancy free this week. Dylan is hanging with friends, mowing lawns, riding dirt bikes, playing ultimate frisbee, playing noon soccer, playing basketball at the Y, working out, going to movies, getting ice cream, and more. Nathan is hanging with friends, working out, boxing, drinking chocolate milk, riding dirt bikes, playing Clash of Clans and Age of Empires, working at the Y, and more. Both boys have been enjoying their freedom their first week out of school. Luke has been getting ready for adult soccer, adult volleyball, Itty Bitty Soccer and Soccer camp, getting the mowing crew going, and more work around the Y.

I have our row of Albert to share next and plan to share it on Sunday or Monday. I've been posting my required weekly post on Friday, but I need to move my blogging time to Sunday to take some pressure off of the end of my work week. So, I'll see you on Mondays for now!


  1. I think your summer school sounds great. I feel a little sad not doing summer school this year. The kids really want a complete break and I can see that they need it. We have had a really full and rough time the last two years. I hope they feel refreshed at the end of it.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. It's so wonderful to hear how much you're enjoying the summer and having fun! It sounds like you're all going to enjoy some fun summer learning.