Humble Beginnings

I humbly introduce you to Oily Seedlings.

It's a baby plant ready to be watered and tended, but it is humble ~ I don't have a fancy logo or an expensive design but the Lord reminded me this morning to never despise humble beginnings, for he rejoices to see the work begin!

And I am reminded that faith can move mountains, but faith requires an action - a step. So, I'm just going to take that step into the rest of my life and pray God will guide and bless each step I take. 

I'm excited to be sharing all the fantastic information from our What's Next classes on Facebook. My first series will be the Summertime with Essential Oils class we had a few weeks ago. It may be flying by fast, but it's still summer. Yay! I've been using several of the recipes these past few weeks so I'm super excited to share them with you and I hope they will be a blessing to you. 

My purpose for Oily Seedlings will be to plant new seeds and tend the seeds I've already planted. I plan to offer member support, product and class information, recipes, tips, business support, and more. I will share what encourages and inspires me on this oily journey!

My next series will be from our upcoming class on essential oils for emotional health. I had no idea the gap that oils would fill for my emotional health when I first started, but ahhh... oils come to my rescue daily now. So, I'm excited to invite you to our Ahhh... Oils class coming up next Monday, July 20th. 

This class is for members of my team and anyone else who is not currently a Young Living member who may be interested in Young Living Essential Oils! If that's you, I would love to have you join us

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  1. I've really enjoyed your posts on EO recipes! I look forward to trying them when I get back to my home-away-from-home.

    1. So happy! ♥ I made the Outdoor Spritz yesterday for our hike in the woods and then the skin soother for after, haha! The emotional oils class coming up has some new favorites too. Thanks for reading! ♥