What I Love About Bo {Age 5}

What I Love About Bo:

  • how sweet you are

  • your hugs and snuggles

  • that when you snuggle, you like to sit on my lap and not on the side of me

  • that you will come sit on my lap no matter what I am doing when you need love and attention

  • what a good tough little wrestler you are (Pop said that)

  • how smart you are - what a joy it is to homeschool you! 

  • that you know all your letters and sounds and are about ready to read

  • that you know your numbers so well and can count and read up to thousands

  • that you love to be read to

  • listening to you talk 

  • that you are such a good talker now and graduating from speech therapy soon

  • what an expert little chess player you are!

  • how you love on Buttercup (she doesn't really like it, lol)

  • what a good little helper you are

  • how hard you try to be a big boy

  • how well you play with Elli

Your life at 5 is:

  • knights

  • Playmobil

  • G.I. Joes

  • cars

  • legos

  • playing with Elli

  • playing in the snow

  • sledding

  • homeschool

  • playing soccer (graduating to Little Kickers this spring!)

  • wrestling

  • playing chess

  • favorite color is still green, but you like blue too now

  • ice cream - favorite is vanilla 

  • tagging along with your siblings

  • loving on Buttercup {a little too much at times}

  • hard to get to bed until I break out essential oils to help you rest (your favorites are Peace & Calming, Lavender, and Orange)

One day this week I was working in the kitchen and it was one of those days that I just wanted to work quickly and alone, but you wanted to help. I was feeling impatient, but I mustered up as much endurance as I could to be patient and loving towards you. I think I was making us something to eat and when we sat down to eat, we talked. After few minutes, you said "I love you, mom." Aw, at that moment, I melted and was so thankful that I remained patient with you! I'm sure I smiled a happy relieved smile because then you got up out of your chair and gave me a big hug. You must have known. I love you so much, Bo! ♥

Interview with Bo: 

What is your favorite color? blue and green

What is your favorite food? lasagna

What is your favorite treat? Snickers bar

What is your favorite subject in school? math

What is your favorite sport? dodgeball

What is your favorite hobby? play games

What is your favorite movie? Wild Brothers

What is your favorite tv show? Heidi and Puss in Boots

What is your favorite book? Bernstein Bears Book of Science

What is your favorite animal? dogs and cats

What is your favorite song? That's pretty hard for me, Mom. That's so hard. I don't even know any.

What is your favorite restaurant? Bliss Yogurt

What is your favorite vegetable? salad

What is your favorite fruit? mango

What is your favorite place to visit? our house :)

Where do you WANT to visit some day? Schindeldecker's

Who is your best friend? Sam

What’s your favorite thing to do with Eliana? play

What’s your favorite thing to do with Malachi? play knights with him

What’s your favorite thing to do with Pop? make popcorn

What’s your favorite thing to do with me? sit on your lap :)

What’s your favorite thing to do with Buttercup? Let her bite me

What do you want to be when you grow up? firefighter

What is one thing you want to learn how to do? learn how cats grow up

What is one of your greatest talents? (What are you good at?) dodging balloons

What are some of your other strengths? (What else are you good at?) balancing balloons on a sword

What is something you wonder about? I don't even know what that means

Who is someone that you miss? Sam

What makes you nervous? whenever kitty scratches me

What makes you happy? when Buttercup licks me

What age do you look forward to – and why? 10 because I'll get $10 and then I'll have $16

lol. He was ready for the questions to end so he could go play. :)

Happy five years, Bo!

Questions courtesy of Becky Higgins