Home High School Curriculum {Dylan}

Dylan, who is 16, is home this school year with the intention of pursuing of a degree in Music when he graduates, so the plan is to have him start dual enrollment in the spring. It took me several weeks (and a lot of prayer) to get to the place where I was willing to loosen my grip on the steering wheel and let him take control, but we are both happy now that I have. Instead of getting on him to do his school, I pray and encourage him towards his goal. To cheer him on this week, I printed out the AFA degree requirements and information on the music program at the college and set a date for him to take the ACT. This week, I will celebrate that he has an opportunity to record his first two iTunes ready tracks in a professional studio (totally a God thing!) and be flexible with his schedule.

It was my decision to homeschool Dylan for the rest of high school, but I could not have followed through with it if he had not acquiesced. If he had given me any pushback, what so ever, I would have waved the white flag. In fact, I didn't order his curriculum until after the first day of public school. Thinking he would try to change my mind, I was literally holding my breath right up until that day. Then, not wanting to waste time or money, I prayed and prayed over curriculum and made my final decisions with much peace in my heart.

Teaching Textbooks Algebra II
Economics for Everybody
Introductory Logic
Student Writing Intensive C  / The Elegant Essay 
Teaching the Classics / Windows to the World

I'm very happy and excited about IEW's writing and lit for him. I am doing the Teaching Writing Structure and Style (TWSS) so I will be one step ahead of him and available to help if he asks. Logic and Economics are to instill Godly and intelligent thinking and wise use of money. Dylan is an audio learner, so that explains all the DVD based learning, which will be perfect for independent learning, too.


  1. Computers can be such a blessing for independent learning.

  2. It is amazing to be facing high school in our little homeschool (again). I like your choices.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. All great choices! I even have a few of those resources on our shelves :)

  4. Thank you all. :) It is a relief (and yes, amazing) to have him home again.