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My morning routine: essential oil scan, happy oils, and whole food supplements (as shared on Instagram). 
I love lists like these!

Things that make me feel healthy:

  • sunshine and lots of it
  • early to bed (and getting a full nights sleep) 
  • early to rise (but not too early!)
  • peace and quiet
  • reducing stress 
  • putting my phone down
  • picking up a book
  • finishing a project
  • homeschooling my kids 
  • clean water 
  • fresh air
  • organic, nutrient dense foods
  • eating Biblically clean and following God's health laws 
  • healthy non-dairy hot cocoa mix
  • coconut oil and other healthy fats
  • moderate protein
  • low carb 
  • eliminating all processed sugar from my diet (eating raw honey, pure maple syrup, or coconut sugar on special occasions) 
  • raw oatmeal with Calcifood powder, collagen, and sliced ripe banana for breakfast with unsweetened organic almond milk 
  • home cooked meals 
  • whole food vitamins, supplements, and herbs
  • probiotics 
  • happy oils 
  • homemade, natural things like toothpaste, deodorant, and lip balm
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide drops in my ears at the first sign of a cold (it always starts in my ears)
  • colloidal silver 
  • natural eye relief drops
  • all natural make up
  • herbal iced tea
  • a hot bath 
  • having a positive attitude 
  • controlling my spending
  • nurturing my soul 
  • drawing near to the Lord

The challenge is to try a new healthy recipe, so I made Skinny Chocolate Truffles from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook for the first time. Made with kosher gelatin, coconut oil, cocoa, sweetener, peppermint essential oil, and crushed xylitol peppermint candies, they are a sweet, healthy treat.

I also made non-dairy hot cocoa mix with powdered coconut milk and coconut creamer (from Azure Standard), stevia, (and coconut sugar for the kids). I'm not supposed to have dairy (or sugar or a host of other things) with the MTHFR mutation. I've switched from raw cow's milk to organic almond milk and I'm limiting cheese, butter, and other dairy for now, but it's very hard. I went off all dairy for a week with Malachi who went off it to see if it improves his breathing at night (milk is mucous forming, so it's good to avoid it if you have a cold). It did, so I need to switch him to almond milk and coconut milk based products. It's really hard to eliminate all dairy, but I feel healthier when I don't eat it, and it's easier knowing it makes Malachi healthier too.

Your turn: What things make you feel healthy? Make your list and share! Join us at www.OliveandPlaid.com.

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  1. Wow! That's quite the list! I forgot to list essential oils! :)

  2. Ha! These are just the things that came to mind. I could have kept going! I was thinking of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health, and all these things are at the forefront of my mind.

  3. Lots and lots of good healthy essentials! I don't own any all natural make-up...I usually don't wear any -- maybe 1x a week. Aww...and the memories of when I used to order from Azure Standard. I don't miss the late nights meeting the truck, but I do miss the products I used to get.

    Great list!!!