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9. List the Places You Want to Go | 52 Lists

I want to go:

  • someplace sunny and warm 
  • on a picnic
  • to the our favorite pond for a nature study 
  • on a long walk 
  • on a hike up the canyon 
  • canoeing at the lake
  • to Denver 
  • to Ikea 

..when it warms up!

I'd love to take the kids to Elitch Gardens or Water World, and my husband would love to go to a game. 

CHALLENGE: Try to plan visiting one of the places you want to go.

I'd like to intentionally plan a fabulous picnic with all my favorite picnic foods like:

  • sandwiches (or cold BBQ chicken)
  • angel eggs
  • potato salad
  • chips
  • strawberries
  • chocolate cake 

What are your favorite picnic foods? And what do you take with you on a picnic?

Your turn: Where do you want to go? Make your list and share! Join us at www.OliveandPlaid.com.

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