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50's Fun {50th Day of School}

We cruised through our first 50 days of school, so we thought this would be a fun way to slow down a bit and celebrate! 

I saw this 50th day of school mini unit on The First Grade Parade last year (after we had already celebrated our 100th day of school) and knew I wanted to do it this year, but totally forgot about it until I was sewing a poodle skirt for Eliana for a 50's dance coming up. Perfect! 

Here's how we celebrated.

How to Make a Root Beer Float 

Both kids wrote or narrated directions in three parts and then made a root beer float following their own directions and then made a Do You Like Root Beer Floats graph. {Writing fulfills Sonlights LA 2 Week 10 expository writing Creative Expression assignment, "Time to Explain Yourself." Malachi's assignment was to write a brief explanation paragraph.}  

Rockin' Around the Records 

Measuring perimeter and area with Tootsie Rolls!

Fifties ABC Order

50's Compare and Contrast 

{we watched clips from family shows in the 50's to compare and contrast kids then and now}

Delicious Doubles

50th Day Math Book

Goodness Gracious ~ Greater or Less!

We also played a game called Roll a Record.

What Can You Do in 50 Seconds? 

How many bubbles, twists, bunny hops, hula hoops and more can you do in 50 seconds?! We had fun finding out and recording our results. 

Her first ever "bubble gum." 

We had burgers and fries and root beer floats for dinner and listened to a 50's music station on Pandora. We even jitterbugged in the living room. :) 

Here are a few photos at the dance. . . 

New friends we met at the Feast in MT.

My tired, little man with his hair slicked back with Pop. :) 

Good times. :) But, they do go by fast! 

Little Nino's Pizzeria {FI♥AR}

Sonlight is our main curriculum, but I am very excited to have the opportunity to get together with 3 other families to row one book a month this year. For our first book, we rowed Little Nino's Pizzeria. We met at my house for Art and Science and then went on a field trip to a local pizzeria to make our own pizza. 

The illustrations in the book are bright, lively, and colorful, and are reminiscent of Henri Matisse, so I chose the suggestion in the manual to do a study on Matisse for our art lesson. 

I read that Matisse liked to make his own colors by painting large sheets of paper and then using that for his cut out collages, so I had the kids start out by mixing paint to make their own colors for a collage. 

I talked a little about Matisse while the kids painted and showed them some of his artwork. 

They didn't quite get to the concept of painting the whole sheet of paper, but they had fun painting!  We were supposed to let them dry for making cut-out collages, but we ran out of time. 

Boaz (21 months) napped the whole time, so I had him paint when he woke up. 

And later, Malachi made a Matisse-like collage using the Art Activity Pack: Matisse


Our second activity was a Science lesson on Nutrition, put on by my friend, Amy. She read a book on nutrition (can't remember the name), and had each kid make a Nutrition Book outlining the Food Groups. 

They either colored or cut and pasted foods cut out from magazines. 

Then, my friend, Kim, did a Science lesson on yeast. (This is my reason for choosing this book - because of the "Dough" experiment in Sonlight Week 10! On our own, we read Science Activities Vol. 2 p. 42-43 and learned how yeast works.) 

We did the yeast in a balloon demonstration and watched the effects of the yeast producing carbon dioxide to blow up the balloon. 

Then, Kim led us in a yeast experiment on using different types of sugars/starches to see which encouraged yeast growth the best. 

We used sugar, corn syrup, and corn starch. And then the scientist in me suggested we throw in a control with just yeast and water. 

Then the jars were placed in a warm water bath and we waited for the yeast to grow!

Can you guess which worked the best? 

Then the kids (who really wanted to play by now!) got to go play while I got our snack ready. 


We didn't have a Social Studies lesson planned, so I decorated with a flag of Italy pennant. 

We made Italian Flag Fruit Pizzas. 

And had Italian Cream Sodas. 

During our second get-together, we went on a. . . 

Field Trip to Make Our Own Pizzas! 

After having the kids wash their hands, the owner had each child grab a handful of dough right out of the huge mixer. Then, they dropped it into a machine to flatten it and finally into the pizza pan to be pressed, trimmed, and rolled with a tool to make air holes. 

Then they got to add their choice of toppings to their pizza.  

And put it in the oven!

They were anxiously waiting on the other end to watch their pizza come out of the big oven and then have it sliced and put on a plate. (I got to make my own, too!)

I got a group pic of us all eating our pizza, but can't share it for privacy reasons. But, it was fun to see so many kids together eating pizza! 

We used Pizza Toppers for the toppings. They just wanted to decorate their pizza, so I had to coax them into the fractions lesson. :) 


For our study of homophones, I was just going to have them have them make up a sentence using the homophones need and knead, but we also got to review Hot Dots Laugh It Up! Vocabulary Homophone Cards

Little Nino's Pizzeria is a Five in a Row selection from Volume 3. 

Delightful Learning

Hot Dots Laugh It Up! Vocabulary Cards {Review}

I have a fun review for you today, sponsored by Educational Insights. I was asked to be a part of their Edublogger review team and after looking at their website full of learning toys and games, how could I say no?! This has been a super busy season in my life and I have been pushed beyond my normal daily challenges to keep up with all that I have to do, but I took this opportunity to look ahead at what we were doing in school to select a product that would be a help to me!

For our row of Little Nino's Pizzeria, we used educational insights Hot Dots Homophones from their Laugh It Up! Vocabulary series. What a fun way to learn about homophones - by telling jokes!

Malachi uses the Hot Dot pen to mark the answers. If the answer is correct he gets a green light.

And he gets a red light if he's incorrect.

The pen also talks. See how it works: 

Hot Dots is a help to me because it encourages independent learning. . . 

Malachi tries to figure it out on his own, and often gets them wrong. 

But even a wrong answer is still helping him learn about homophones!  

We spent most of our time reviewing Homophones, but I also asked for Prefixes and Suffixes because he is just starting to learn about them in his Language Arts program. They look awesome!

Educational Insights makes "unique, innovative and educational toys, games, and classroom tools to engage young minds and inspire discovery." I think Hot Dots Vocabulary does just that!

Want to find out for yourself?

If you could choose any ONE Hot Dots Card Set {plus a Hot Dots Pen} which would you choose? Let me know in a comment for a chance to win!*{Giveaway is now over ~ Congrats to Robin, commenter #54!} 

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