S is for Silly, Sand and Sunflowers

~Malachi is 4 years, 2 months ~

Memory Verse:
From Sing the Word A-Z

Seek ye first the kingdom, the kingdom of God
And His righteousness
And all these things shall be added unto you
Matthew chapter 6 verse 33.


Sammy the Seal, by Syd Hoff
The Reasons for Seasons, by Gail Gibbons


From a Child's Garden of Verses
The Swing
At the Seaside
Bed in Summer

Get Set for the Code:

Letter Review:


Drawing S's in Sand

Sand Play

Mixing, molding, pouring and digging in sand.

We explored with measuring cups, molds, measuring spoons, shovels, sieves and funnels to pour, spoon, shape, scoop and sift.

We used measuring cups as mold to create "big, bigger, and biggest" sand cakes, comparing size.

What is sand like when it is dry, damp, or wet?

We added varying amounts of water to sand and talked about the sand's consistency.

Sack Lunch

Sand play was messy, so I thought today would be a good day to each lunch outside. So, we had a sack lunch that included a sandwich and a surprise.


Sandpaper S's

Sandpaper Prints

We colored on sandpaper and then ironed it between two pieces of paper to make some unusual prints.

Sidewalk Chalk

Sole Rubbings

We taped a piece of paper to the bottom of a shoe and did a crayon rubbing. 

Shapes and Colors Bingo

Mali and Elli each took turns spinning and they looked for the colors and shapes on each others boards. 

We made a summery sumflower out of handprints.

Seeds and Sounds and Senses:

I put various matierials that start with S (salt, seeds, sucanat, etc.) in small containers with lids and had Mali listen to the sounds they make and tell me whether they were soft or loud.


We read about seasons in the book The Reason's for Seasons and talked about what we learned, which season we are in, and which season is our favorite (Mali said winter because he likes the snow best).

Silly Fun:

To finish our lesson on the letter S, we had a Silly Surprise Party!

I kept it super simple with an S snack, homemade soda with silly straws, a surprise box, and silly string. 

The surprise box had organic suckers, and sour apple twists and they had to seek in the sawdust to find them.

Then we had fun with silly string.

Some of the books we used:


  1. Wow, it looks like you had a ton of fun! I can't wait until we do the letter S so we can borrow some ideas. How do you make your own soda?

  2. Jennifer,
    We use club soda and 100 % fruit juice concentrate (any flavor you like).


  3. What fun!!! Did you do this over a week? My little ones would love doing some of these things. Thank you so much for taking time to share all of it.

    What type of sand is the blue sand? It looks different from the moon sand. I think this would be a great activity for my child with sensory issues.


  4. Leslie,

    We did this over two weeks. then we take a week off to plan and his playtime is delight directed. . . he enjoys cutting, taping, drawing, coloring, painting, crafting, building, playing and "reading" books.

    The sand is Crayola sand from the gardening section at Walmart (outside where all the compost and peat moss is). There was also pink and one other color, I think.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Shalom Michelle~
    thanks for the comment. I'm enjoying your blog so much fun with learning! I'm adding you to my favorite blogs to visit...I'll be visiting more often. Thanks for sharing and giving up a peep of your hs days :-D

    YahChna in TN

  6. Ok so I'm back :-D and I just found Prepare & Pray curr on your blog...Oh my goodness, this is an answer to prayer! Of course we too felt the coming need for survial skill, so we've been in prayer about it asking Abba to show us how to prepare both natrually and spiritually. When I found your link to the prepare & pray curr I knew I found what we needed for now. Thank you so much for sharing, wow how did you find such a wonderful curr? Well have a blessed week

  7. Thanks Michelle for answering my questions. I wouldn't have thought to look in the gardening section. I'm not much of a gardener though.

    I'm enjoying your blog.


  8. Just stumbled across your blog, while looking for other christian homeschool mommies. Trying to learn all I can along the way. :) Delightful blog as the name implies.

  9. Im browsing your blog for ideas for my 3 year old this upcoming year and i just had to comment and say what a great job you do! Your ideas are fantastic! Props to you!!! And thanks for sharing :)