A Picnic and a Hike

We closed on our property in Montana last Thursday, so we were excited to make our first trip to explore. Luke's parents met us up there and we had a picnic, hiked and measured the spot where we will build a house.


It was a little windy, but sunny and nice. We sit between two ridges in the Beartooth Mountains and at times we could hear the wind blow above us, but only felt a breeze. It was so peaceful! There was more water in the creek this time and that was a blessing to see. We also found the perfect spot to build (bottom picture) and will have plenty of room.  We will only need to remove three trees (the two in the top right and one beyond that pictured in the bottom right). It is not far from the road, and we will only need to put in a small culvert for drainage on the side by the road.  The creek runs down the side beside where the house will sit, so we will not have to cross the creek to get to our house. It was also a blessing to see more of the trees that were affected greening up. Praise You Father for Your goodness!

The kids staked their claim to where they will build their forts and we all enjoyed exploring and hiking. We are hoping to take the motorhome up there this weekend for the summer. 

On a side note, he is a she. We named the motorhome Earl (you can read more about it here) when we lived in it last fall, and when I went to get the plates I discovered that it is not a Dodge Sportsman after all. It is a Traveling Queen  "Little Princess!"  It was quite an adventure figuring this all out, especially since it says Dodge and Sportsman right on the motorhome.  We had fun taking her for trip to the carwash yesterday, just me and the kids. *Ü*