Homesteading Thoughts

We would love to be homesteaders, growing our own food, and living off the land the way we were meant to.  When we sold our house last fall, we thought we were heading to Kentucky to do just that. . . and my radical I'm-not-buying-anything-electronic-because-I-want-to-live-off-grid stance came to an end, slowly, as we accepted the fact that we were meant to stay where we are. Not only did we not move out into the country, we moved closer in and are right in the middle of small town life.  

The first electronic thing I bought after we stayed was a $10 blender and I don't know how I lived without it so long, except that I wanted a hand crank one that was much more and wasn't ready to spend the money on it, just yet. Then I bought a digital camera and have no idea how I lived without that. Then it was an iPod (gasp) but I am now burning the whole Bible onto iTunes so I can listen to it on the go - using the next thing, my macbook. Which I love (well it is a love-hate relationship because I still don't know how to use it).  Then it was a new Kitchen Aid to replace the one that died. Then the dehydrator.  I'm done. Imagine that less than 8 months ago, I wanted my husband to buy a hand crank drill and a hand tiller so we could live off the land!  Well, we will have to go solar or learn how to make our own electricity like the Howerter's do.  Running water would be nice, too.  But, if we had to haul it, that would be ok, too, as long as we had it to haul.

We have been thinking about what the bare necessities would be if we were to set up a homestead on the land we are buying in Montana. With the help of family, we may be able to at least put up a small unfinished house.  I am excited about the possibilities! Luke's aunt drew up some house plans and I am amazed at how effectively she designed the space to fit all 7 of us (+ room for one more) in 970 square feet! That seems like a small space, but original homesteads were only 150 square feet for large families.  We have really evaluated what is necessary in our lives.  I do not like stuff, unless it has a purpose.  If it has a function, it stays. I especially like things with shelves or hooks, or drawers to store things, or boxes or baskets to hang things in. I think if I decluttered and organized, my life would be much easier and the house would be easier to keep clean.  My goal for this week is to live more simply by having a place for everything (and piles on my desk or table don't count!). 


  1. Not even close, but if we are ever out that way, we would love to visit your homestead! :-)

  2. WOW! I'd love to have a copy of your plans for Bill! I love watching how God works in your life:) lizzy lu