Prepare and Pray Lesson 9 - Something's Fishy

In chapter 9 of The Swiss Family Robinson, the Robinson's discover a cave in which they plan to make their new home. After spending the rainy season cramped up in the hollowed out tree, the cave made for a more suitable winter home. This lead to a study on caves, including how to tell if the air in a cave is toxic or not and how to purify it, what a cavern is, how caves are formed, what stalactites and stalagmites are, how caves have been used in history and how they were used in the Bible, etc.
In this chapter, the Robinson's start making preparations by planting and storing food. They catch and harvest a school of fish. They pack it in between layers of salt in barrels and store it in the cool cave. So, the activities in this lesson centered around fish and fishing! We thought this was cool since we were also studying fish in science.

We learned how to make emergency fishing gear. We made fishing hooks out of safety pins.
Then we made homemade fishing cans out of tin cans, cord, safety pin fish hooks and a rock for a weight. We put these things in our bug out bags.


We learned how to make a fishing spear with a sapling or pole, knife and lashing cord. We have these materials in our bags, but we did not make them just yet! But, we did make two kinds of fish traps.


 One is made out of wire mesh and the other is a 2-liter bottle. Both are designed to let a fish swim in, but not out. We cut a door in the wire mesh trap and we will hang colorful lures in side to attract fish. These projects are found in Back to Basics and Living Off the Land (see below).

We like to catch little brook trout in the streams in the mountains near us in the summer. So we will try the traps out then!

We discussed what fish God says is clean or suitable to eat (that which has fins and scales) and we read about cleaning, preparing, cooking and preserving fish. We learned how to preserve fish by drying, smoking, salting, etc.

And since we were not able to actually go fishing (that would have been so cool!), we did a lapbook instead.

And tonight we are having a meal of baked fish. Nathan loves to help me cook and he prepared the fish with fresh lemon slices, butter, chopped fresh chives, and salt and pepper.

Other activities included looking up 26 new vocabulary words (gotta love the english in this original edition of the Swiss Family Robinson!), and discussing the character qualities the Robinson's displayed.

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