Wee-Books Review

Wee-Books are the newest E-Book line at The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Currently, they have 30 Wee-books available for download and all are $1.95 or less. I got the chance to download and read three of these e-books. Wee-Books are quick and easy reads which means they can be printed to read on the go, while waiting in the car, for instance, as you send your oldest son in the store for a gallon of milk. If you are like me and love to have your hands on what you are reading, then you will like these. These e-books do not take much to print out and are only a few pages long, but are rich in meaning!

A Light Unto My Path
Are you interested in doing a Bible study on the word "light?" This Wee book is a great place to start. You will gain a new understanding of what light means in the Bible while learning to meditate on His word. Included are pages of copywork with 13 ready to print Bible verses. This little study on light will get you thinking about His word being a "lamp unto your feet!" I think this will be a great addition to our Bible study time and plan to incorporate this with some additional lessons on what light is, sources of light, etc. and plan to use the copywork for handwriting and for hiding God's word in my children's hearts.

Beating the Summertime Blues
This Wee book has me dreaming of summer days. I am already thinking of ways to cool off and fill the long warm days - not only with ideas for the kids, but also me! In here, you will find ideas and activities for kids and parents both, including Mom time, outings and activities, keeping cool, productive projects, and creative writing ideas. Also, some great ideas that will make for fun summer workboxes. I'm keeping this book handy and plan on having a plan this summer!

Does time really fly? That is a great question and when you read this Wee book, you see the answer from a mom who has been there - and has a chance to do it again. I must warn you though, it will change you! Instead of looking back and thinking of how you could have done things differently, you will start to plan forward. What are we missing? What are we forgetting? What would we change if we were looking back years from now? This Wee book will remind you that we are part of a much bigger story - His Story. Are we willing to allow Him to write it?
"Take a peek at the contents . . . Ever Feel Like Starting over? Self-righteousness Self-centeredness The Need to Be in Control Forgetting the Works of the Lord Neglecting the Word of the Lord Forgetting His Commands Part of a Larger Story Looking Back and Looking Ahead"
You will be encouraged and inspired by this homeschool mom who shares her heart and reflects on what she would do differently this time around and how you too can "plan forward", letting God write your story.

 We are spring cleaning our house this week and have had to really weed out a lot of clutter. Stuff just seems to accumulate! With all the clutter that comes with homeschooling E-Books can be a great resource for homeschool families that just don't need more stuff. They can be ready to use in minutes or you store them on your computer until you are ready to use them (which means no clutter!). Now, that is a blessing worth getting plugged into!


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  1. I'll have to check into two of those. :) That summer one looks fun. :)

    Great job, Michelle!!