A Teenager?

Where does the time go? It seems like such a short time ago, this young man was just a young boy!

March 27th Jordan turned 13... or did he? (he he) Jordan was born on Aviv 7 on the Hebrew calender. Aviv is the first month of the Biblical new year, so according to the barley harvest in Israel, we began a new year 9 days ago. So, we had fun teasing Jordan for a week that he was not officially 13 yet. Well, as much as I am sad to see him grow so fast, I am happy at what a fine young man he is becoming!

12 has been one of our toughest years, so with that behind us, we (and I think I speak for Jordan too) are looking forward to this coming year!

Some random things about Jordan:

  • is very capable and helpful
  • is good with his hands and likes to build and fix things
  • loves to be outside tinkering in his shop
  • likes stuff (translate junk)
  • likes old stuff, especially Old Blue, his '65 Huffy Good Vibrations bike.
  • loves Gabby and Shabby and his three little fur-ball kittens Pabby, Snowball, and Mittens
  • loves shooting, fishing, floor hockey and soccer
  • likes to play mountain men and make homemade mountain man stuff
  • is great at volunteering his time to referee at the YMCA, shovel snow and help others.
  • likes listening to music and is always popping my cd out of the car stereo and putting his cowboy music in.
  • can really do a great job when he is motivated and his heart is in it
  • enjoys his friendships with Rokan and Rye and he talks on the phone more than I do!
  • loves Summer
Jordan we are blessed to have you in our family!


  1. Jordan, we are so blessed that we belong to oneanother! We thank God for you and praise Him as we watch His character grow in you. We love you, U. Bill and A. Liz

  2. My son Josiah turns 13 on April 22 two days before my b-day! I can't believe it's gone by so fast. I can remember two days before my 21st b-day getting an early b-day present and thinking how wonderful my new baby boy was! :)

  3. Thanks for sending the link! love all the pics. and the quips! hey that rhymes. may the living God Bless all of you. and lead you on the home raising. the memories. and what God has planned for each of you! Jordan you are an awesome example for your brothers and sister love all Uncle Bill