Tot School in the Box

Tot School
~Eliana is 26 1/2 months~
The workboxes are really working well for my Tot-schooler. After grabbing a box, she does not make it far before she gets to work! For items that are too big for the box, I remove the box and place them on the cart.

She is using a toy hammer to pound colorful golf tees into a styrofoam block. "Harder," she says as it requires some work. She pounds for awhile and then pushes them in with her hands and finds that is easier!


We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear to read about colors, then she worked on the Color Matching Game that we made here.

Stacking and Nesting Boxes

This is only her second time playing with the stacking and nesting blocks and she is starting to understand how they work! She loves to stack them and nesting is usually done while putting them away. It is fun to watch her and so tempting to help her, but she can do it on her own!

Floor Puzzles

Elli was not interested in the puzzles, but Mali was and they were a challenge for him! He put all four puzzles together with some help.

Flower Arranging

I used mechanical pencils that twist at the point, some green floral tape and pink daisies to make flowers that can be used to draw with and arrange in pretty ways! I gave her floral foam to stick the pencils in. She worked with this a little bit, and then said, "harder," meaning it was hard for her to do. I replaced the foam with hazelnut coffee beans that I had bought for this purpose and she enjoyed sticking the pencil flowers in the coffee beans. Now, it sits on my desk and smells so good whenever I walk by and is functional, which I like!

Sugar Cookie Decorating
While her brothers were decorating penguin cookies and cookie maps, Elli frosted her own sugar cookies and decorated them with white chocolate chips. Her favorite part was licking the frosting off the butter knife!

Bubble Wrap Prints

Bubble wrap is fun to explore - feelings the puffy bubbles and popping them. After exploring, it became an interesting printing material with pretty results! Eliana's quizzical look when she began painting told me right away that in her mind this was a different, but intriguing way to paint!
I have been singing the numbers 1-20 to her (from Audio Memory) and I catch her singing 17,18,19 a lot. Singing is a great way to learn without "teaching!"

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  1. I love your blog! I also purchased some flowers today at the dollar store, lets see how my LO does! Hope you have a great week!

  2. We just recently did bubble wrap painting too :)

  3. Thanks for the few great posts on the workboxes. I was kind of hoping to get this product to review for the crew . . . but alas didn't. The tot trays are similar, I suppose, that I do now. But I can see how the actual system would be beneficial for older children. Thanks!